Das Shadow “Slew” is now available on Beatport; reviewed below!

Das Shadow is back with their second single, “Slew” – available exclusively on The single includes the original version and three additional remixes, and it debuted at number 21 on the German Club Chart. You can pick it up here. Hit the jump for a review and more information on a really nice competition where you can be the lucky winner of some really nice t-shirts!

“Slew” is set to be tearing up gritty concrete dance floors all over the European club scene. It’s deep and dark electro house feel almost instantly draws you. And before you know it, the somewhat quirky track builds to a dramatic crescendo which will have even the the most reserved party pooper nodding his head along. It’s Das Shadow’s own unique brand of electro house, which follows on perfectly from, and builds on, their first single “Navigate The Menus”.

In addition to the original mix, the track comes in remixes by DJ Wool, Jaimie Fanatic and Tobias Enhaus. DJ Wool’s remix strips away a bit of the original’s grit, and substitutes it with a more thumbing, driving club beat. Jaimie Fanatic’s Amsterdam Mix on the other hand takes the grit and just adds to it. If the original version is the cool, brooding Batman, the Jaimie’s remix is the pissed off Hulk throwing tanks around. Basically “Slew” on steroids, pissed off. The comparatively laid back Rebreather Mix by Tobias Enhaus introduces a somewhat ethereal feel to the Das Shadow universe, with harps and – I think – a couple echoey notes from a grand piano.

“Slew” marks the first release on the new label We Collect Enemies – the brainchild of Daryl Bamonte and Andrew Phillpott; both long time members of the Depeche Mode camp – Daryl having worked with them from before they were called Depeche Mode, and even standing in for Fletch on the latter part of the Devotional Tour; Andrew has worked with Depeche since 1998 – first as a programmer on The Singles and Exciter Tours, then with both Dave and Martin on their respective solo tours (taking the stage with Martin on his); more recently he’s been part of Dave Gahan’s song writing trio, having co-written songs appearing on “Playing The Angel”, “Hourglass” and “Sounds Of The Universe”.

To celebrate the release, We Collect Enemies has sent a couple of really nice t-shirts to give away. We’ll be doing the competition in a few days, but in order to take part you’ll need a Twitter or Facebook account, so if you don’t have either of those, go sign up for one now. More details in a couple of days!

Das Shadow “Slew” available now on