We Collect Enemies unleash the latest creation from Das Shadow

The label We Collect Enemies is the brainchild of Glen Brady, Andrew Phillpott and Daryl Bamonte. The latter two are of course familiar names to any self respecting Depeche Mode fan.

The first release on the label will be Das Shadow’s second single, “Slew”, which is premiering on on March 22nd, and hitting all other digital music outlets April 5th. The single will feature the main track, and three superb remixes. Look forward to a full review of the single in the coming days.

For now enjoy the video, embedded above in SD and linked below in it’s full HD 720p glory. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the legendary Game Gear portable console from Sega… which was doing in 1990, what Sony is still failing to do with the PSP – making portable gaming cool!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Das Shadow competition where you get the chance to lay your grabbing hands on some We Collect Enemies swag!

Watch in HD (720p): Das Shadow “Slew”