Depeche Mode score 9th Billboard Dance No. 1

Depeche Mode’s “Perfect” hit the no. 1 spot on the Billboard Dance Chart, making it their 9th time on the top of that chart. Only Pet Shop Boys has had more Dance Chart no. 1s – they’ve had ten, the most recent mere weeks ago.

“Perfect”, who’s mix package was produced and promoted by ProMotion-US, featured remixes by Craig J, Roger Sanchez, Ralphi and Jody dB. Some of the mixes will see their commercial premiere when “Fragile Tension/Hole To Feed” is released across Europe next week.

Depeche Mode’s biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit was “Enjoy The Silence”, making it to no. 8 on that chart (and no. 6 on the Dance chart).

Of the nine number ones for Mode, seven have been in the noughties. Full list below:

Strangelove (1987)
It’s No Good (1997)
Dream On (2001)
I Feel Loved (2001)
Freelove (2001)
Precious (2005)
Suffer Well (2006)
Wrong (2009)
Perfect (2009)


  • JAM007


    Madonna has had over 40 #1's on the dance chart.

  • vrman99


    Actually, this would be correct if we consider "groups" as opposed to individual artists. PSB would be the #1 group and DM #2. It would also be correct if we consider "male" artists/groups. Here is the actual list of how many Billboard Dance Chart number 1s: 1- Madonna: 40 2- Donna Summer: 15 3- Mairah Carey: 15 4- Whitney Houston: 13 5- Pet Shop Boys: 10 5- Deborah Cox: 10 7- Depeche Mode: 9 8- C+C Music Factory/Clivilles & Cole: 8 8- Kim English: 8 8- Rihanna: 8 See full list here:

  • patrick 101


    Some are no really dance tracks...Whatever!

  • Mindoza


    I guess, this chart is mostly for club remixes, right?

  • Mindoza


    The comment about Madonna is valid - it probably should be noted, that DM and PSB are holding record among the duos and groups only - as mentioned on Billboard site: "Depeche Mode collects its ninth No. 1 on Dance/Club Play Songs, as "Perfect" pounces 2-1. Among duos or groups in the chart's history, the venerable modern rock/dance band trails only Pet Shop Boys for most No. 1s by one."