“Fragile Tension/Hole To Feed” tracklist and artwork

On December 7th (in Europe), Depeche Mode will be releasing a special “double A side” single – “Fragile Tension” and “Hole To Feed”. Below are the full track listings for all formats. Further details for US digital release dates are pending. Stay tuned!

CD (CDBong42):
01. Fragile Tension (Radio Mix) – 3.36
02. Hole To Feed (Radio Mix) – 3.27
03. Perfect (Roger Sanchez Club Mix) 7.24
04. Come Back (SixToes Remix) 4.56
05. Fragile Tension (Laidback Luke Remix) 7.52
06. Hole To Feed (Popof Vocal Mix) 8.42
07. Fragile Tension (Peter Bjorn And John Remix) 3.45
08. Hole To Feed (Joebot Remix) 6.43

Digital Download Bundle (iBong42):
01. Fragile Tension (Radio Mix) – 3.36
02. Hole To Feed (Radio Mix) – 3.27
03. Come Back (SixToes Remix – 4.56
04. Perfect (Ralphi & Craig Club Remix) – 8.49
05. Fragile Tension (Stephan Bodzin Remix) – 9.14
06. Hole To Feed (Paul Woolford’s Easyfun Ethereal Disco Mix) – 9.24
07. Perfect (Roger Sanchez Club Mix) – 7.24
08. Fragile Tension (Solo Loves Panorama Remix) – 6.10
09. Hole To Feed (Popof Vocal Mix) – 8.42
10. Perfect (Ralphi & Jody Club Remix) – 7.39 *

*iTunes exclusive

Double vinyl 12″ (12BONG42):
A1. Fragile Tension (Stephan Bodzin Remix) – 9.14
A2. Fragile Tension (Kris Menace’s Love On Laserdisc Remix) – 6.24
B1. Hole To Feed (Popof Vocal Mix) – 8.42
B2. Hole To Feed (Paul Woolford’s Easyfun Ethereal Disco Mix) – 9.24
C1. Perfect (Roger Sanchez Club Mix) – 7.24
C2. Perfect (Ralphi Rosario Dub) – 8.26
D1. Peace (Herve’s ‘Warehouse Frequencies’ Remix) – 5.10
D2. Peace (Sander Van Doorn Remix) – 8.02


  • memoryboy



  • Klaus


    I was hoping for an instrumental flip side so at least I would get some value for money, because even if it's shit - which I expect the remixes to be - I'll still be buying the bundle...

  • Greig


    Good to see some movement at last. Just like Klaus I'll be buying the bundle and the CD, but I expect the majority of the remixes to be instantly forgetable, if not very annoying. I hope there's a video for fragile tension but, given the fact the band are lazy bstards these days when it comes to videos, I won't be holding my breath. I still think DM is a shadow of its former self.......



    what happened to to the MGMT remix?

  • Greig


    What's wrong with a good old extended 12" mix these days? Is that too much to ask?



    terrible cover as well. shame... 'fragile tension' is the best track on the album. i mean, it can't have been that tough to create an attractive bit of packaging for the single. what kind of artistic direction lets this type of stuff through? might as well get your sleeves designed at a local kall kwik.

  • greig


    It's all very lazy stuff. I know I've said it before and it's not very popular, but I just don't think they can be bothered anymore. The quality of their output (especially remixes & videos) certainly suggests this.

  • Freestate


    Actually, the artwork is quite clever. Think about it.

  • Greig


    No matter how much I think about it I'm still not a fan. I still think it's lazy. Best cover ever? Personally, I always liked the Blue and the Yellow covers for Enjoy the Silence 12". Never Let Me Down Again and World In My Eyes were decent too. Albums? Has to be Violator, then Music For The Masses. They always looked much better covering 12" vinyl singles/albums.

  • Jason


    I thought DM had enough material for two albums, there was even talk of a White album so why do we have two songs from the album with no new b-side?

  • Djredeye


    The remixes for everything since Wrong and the box set have been shit. All the Peace remixes blew, those Ralphi mixes of Perfect (my face track) suck. I have 6 different Ralphi mixes of that track and they are all terrible! I don't know who has been choosing the mixers lately but please, stop it! I had so much hope after hearing the box set mixes and Wrong mixes I had such high hopes. Dashed!!! And why aren't In Chains, Corrupt singles??? They're much stronger than what's being chosen. I love you DM, but who is driving this boat right now?!?! Throw them overboard!!!

  • Greig T


    It's because they're really, really lazy.



    i still dont get whats clever about the cover. is it, and i may be a little dumb here, because its an open mouth on the left and a bunch of french fry like objects on the right? hole to feed?

  • 2cold4u


    you hit the nail!

  • Pieter Visscher (Holland)


    Well, I think the album cover is a bit like the old days. It has an eighties feel in a way. I like it. But, uh, it's the music that counts, isn't it? I thing FT is a quite good song, HTF is the worst song on SOTU, Come Back and Wrong are the best two tracks on the album.

  • Michel J


    Guess they went for consistency across the package (album / singles) rather than individual strength... Which frankly is also one of the problems with the record, isn't it ? Sounds like they were more worried about having a coherence and identity to the whole project (which is great but not enough) than great songs all the way through (which would have been better). But I love how the visuals translated into the stage design, looks very cool.