Next single gets release date

Germany music site, MusikWoche (, revealed yesterday that the new double-a-side single from “Sounds Of The Universe” will be released in Germany on December 5th December 11th. “Fragile Tension/Hole To Feed” will feature a selection of mixes of both of these tracks, as well as “Perfect” and “Peace”, and will be released as an extended CD Maxi, digital download and 12″.


  • Headstar69


    If this is the same listing thats been going around lately, it's superb! We wanted the Perfect remixes on a CD and here they are. New versions of HTF and FT (come back too?). I think they've done this because Peace performed so badly on the charts. This release is much better value and will have a longer appeal for having so many different songs on it. Erasure have been doing it for years, with Stormrider, Phantom Bride, Moon In The Sky and Rain. Well done Mute!

  • memoryboy


    Finally! Yay! This sounds great! I actually already saw the track listing, it was accidentally posted on by somebody and then it was removed by moderator's. Just in time for Christmas, I think this makes up for the long wait, and of course the upcoming video of 'Fragile Tension' is exciting. I think 'Fragile Tension' is the best pick for a single.

  • 36Loverman


    This does differ than the info posted on the forum. Speculation was that Perect & Come Back were to be part of the track list. Instead we get another Peace mix rather than Come Back? @Headstar69 - Storm CHASER, also Moon & The Sky. Yes I am nit picking ;>)

  • Headstar69


    @ loverman. LOL...sorry, as i typed it I had a blank moment. Thank you for the corrections I missed out the "Pop remixed" and "I am right" ep too...typo intended BTW ;-)

  • Susan


    This is why I love getting forum info sent directly to my e-mail. It might get deleted off the forum, but it stays in my e-mail box forever. If you need that post, I have it. This is great news, and very excited about the physical releases.