Review: Compact Space “Push Push”

It isn’t often a band manages to capture my attention right off the bat, but Compact Space certainly managed it. Before learning more about the band, the debut single, “Push Push”, struck a chord – it felt both very familiar and entirely fresh. A feeling that was quickly explained when I learned who was behind this charming record.

Compact Space consists of Christian Eigner, Daryl Bamonte and Florian Kraemmer, two thirds of whom should be instantly recognizable names to any Depeche Mode fan. If they don’t ring a bell, allow me to introduce them: Christian Eigner joined Mode’s live line-up almost 13 years ago as their drummer, and has co-written songs on their last two albums. Daryl Bamonte worked for Depeche Mode from 1980 till 1995, and took the stage as part of the band in 1994 when he famously stepped in to allow Fletch to catch his breath during the latter stages of the Devotional Tour. Florian on the other hand is largely unknown; but I do know that he worked with Eigner on his “Recovery” solo record from 2005, an album that at least carries some resemblance to the single at hand.

The “Recovery” album never made a broad impact, but went down a storm in the Mode fanbase. And to some extend, Compact Space and “Push Push” seems like a natural progression from that project. While some aspects of the track are decidedly “Recovery”-esque, it is quite clear that the vision and end product is far more focused.

The driving beat, dark electronics and Florian’s brooding and at times almost Ian Curtis-esque vocals all blend together perfectly to form a three minute twenty-two second long gem that is just begging to be blasted at full volume, while driving down the high-way on a rain drenched autumn day… or indeed any other day.

“Push, Push” is about as a good a reason as any to part ways with what lose change you’ve got left on your credit card. It’s available on iTunes and Amazon UK right now. If you’re too cheap or broke, you can check out that track, and two others (“Reverse Happiness” and “My Other Life”) on the band’s MySpace page.

All in all two thoroughly excited thumbs up. The as yet untitled album will be released at the end of this year or early in 2010 on Elsbeere Recordings.