Compact Space release debut single

Who’s Compact Space, and why should you care? Well, Compact Space is a band featuring Christian Eigner, Daryl Bamonte and Florian Kraemmer. The first two should sound familiar to any and all Mode fans. The trio started writing together in 2008. The first single ‘Push Push’ is available on iTunes and Amazon right now (link below), and a remix by Andrew Phillpott is still to come, and the album is due to be released at the end of the year. Both album and single were produced by Christian and mixed by Paul PDub Walton.

I just received the single, and I’m now trying to come to terms with it’s plethora of awesomeness. Once I’ve come down, and regained the ability to put words together coherently, I’ll post a little mini-review. In the mean time, head on over to the band’s MySpace to hear ‘Push Push’ and two other songs for your soon-to-be-hooked selves.



  • 36Loverman


    I sorta like it. Doesn't it sound like AndOne?

  • Peggy Johanson


    It sounds never like And One! Compact Space is perfect!

  • Jullan


    Kinda sound like De/vision i think. Like the songs though. Good work christian