Ralphi, Jody and Craig remixes “Perfect”

A US promotional release of “Perfect” has made it’s appearance, including remixes from Ralphi Rosario, Jody den Broeder and Craig J. Snider. The mixes were issued by US club promoter ProMotion. You can check them out on (click artists, and scroll through the releases until the orange “Perfect” cover appears).


  • dre7861


    A much superior remix set than what we got for Peace - Great job Mode!

  • Ronald McDouchebag


    Just...bad, and not Michael Jackson 'Bad' either, eh, humdrum dull

  • NikacP0kac


    Excellent mixes, maybe even better than the Wrong ones :D

  • Jeff


    I like one of the mixes but still overall very bland and generic for Depeche Mode.

  • Eric_D


    Wow, pure tripe, way to ruin an otherwise 'perfect' song... it feels like 1995 got puked up on my chest by some club bimbo with missing teeth.

  • Juri


    That's the bottom, awfull.

  • Jeff G.


    As Jeff above said, truly bland and generic for DM. It shows that the "Wrong" Bromantic Club Mix by Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper and the "Oh Well" remixes by Black Light Orchestra were truly standouts for this album. All the rest were forgetable. Hell, all the demo's and promo's were truly amazing this time around. Most were better than the album versions.....(before the Producer and Engineeers got their hands on it........Hole To Feed, Wrong, Corrupt and Come Back are good examples. If you haven't done so yet, Download or purchase the Promo versions and demos of the above songs.

  • Boiing


    What a disappointment AGAIN, absolutely the worst and laziest remixes ever.

  • Boiing


    P.S. I hope they never see the light of day. Perfectly awful.