Recording The Universe… so far so good! Volume 1

When Depeche Mode announced that they would once again be working with LiveHereNow to release live CDs from (virtually) every concert on this tour, I was more than a little pleased. I was salivating… violently. This was, suffice to say, the news I had been hoping for. Well, now the discs are beginning to arrive, and as they do, I’ll be subjecting them to some scrutiny, and report my findings in the form of short reviews. Hit the jump for the first batch of reviews, which are NOT spoiler free.

I originally posted longer and more detailed reviews of each of these on our forum – sign up for a free account to read those early reviews. Here’s a somewhat condensed summary. You can buy all of these recordings from – all the reviewed recording are available at the time of writing, with the exception of Werchter.

We’ll bring you more reviews as the recordings come in.

May 10: Tel Aviv

This recording from the official tour start in Tel Aviv is, despite a rather rumbling and way too roomy sound, a must for collectors. It is so far the only show scheduled for release that includes a performance of the brilliant “In Sympathy” – which thankfully doubles as one of the best sounding tracks on the recording.
The recording deserves a high ‘wantability’ rating for the exclusive track, even if the sound leaves something to be desired for the most part.
Four out of six!

June 8: Leipzig

First show back after a break, and the second LHN release for the tour. Sounds marginally better than Tel Aviv, but nothing special on the set list, alas. This recording is a nice memento for the people who were there (myself included), but probably wouldn’t get the juices flowing for anyone who wasn’t.
Three out of six!

June 10: Berlin

A great step up from the previous releases, Berlin delivers a solid punch and great atmosphere. This one will please many, and is certainly worth getting!
Five out of six!

June 12: Frankfurt

Apart from a few technical glitches, this recording is another really nice recording. Not as good as Berlin, but solid.
Four out of six!

June 13: Munich

Something slightly odd about this recording. Mix is decent enough, so apart from a few glitches, there’s little or nothing to complain about on that front. The crowd just seems largely disinterested and vacant, and it makes for a kind of boring listen.
Three out of six!

June 16: Rome

This is for the most part really good recording. Starts off a bit roomy, but as the show progresses, the sound becomes better. Well worth getting for the atmosphere, and a wonderfully punchy version of “Strangelove” (best recording of the song to date).
Four out of six!

June 18: Milan

One of the best recordings so far. Lovely punch, crisp vocals, great performance and amazing atmosphere. This is bordering on a must-have, and no fan would be disappointed by it.
Five+ out of six!

June 20: Werchter

This is a really weird one. I suppose the fact that Dave encourages the crowd to wake up during “Enjoy The Silence” sums up the atmosphere pretty accurately. Worst crowd of the tour so far, and boy does it show. But the recording is nice. It’s close, crisp and you can hear every detail in the performance. Just don’t expect much of an atmosphere.
Four out of six!

June 22: Bratislava

I am completely and utterly head over heals for this recording. It sounds amazing. Wonderfully close sounding, and every aspect of the performance is crisp and clean, and this without sacrificing the great atmosphere. This is what they should all be like!!
Six out of six, and an absolute must-have!!


  • 36Loverman


    Fantastic, thank you. I can't wait to read your review of the North American recordings especially Toronto. I attended this one, and also it has the only setlist to include Fragile Tension.

  • CSnoddon


    You are spot on with the Bratislava review, simply breathtaking hope the rest can be as good!

  • Basildon Boy


    This very useful. Thanks mate.

  • hungariandepeche


    Wow, great and helpful little rewievs, thanks! I have attended several shows from this tour, and I have to say that Milan, Berlin and Budapest were really fantastic, the crowd, the band... But it is unfortunately that I missed NY and LA. :( The recording from Bratislava (Pozsony) is the best not just in the sound but in the audiance too (thanks to the many Hungarian soulsisters @ brothers :)) I'm excited what you gonne write about Budapest, especially about Master& Servant ;)See you next time!

  • Jeff G.


    Wondering where the DVD of SOTU will be filmed such as Milan, Italy for "Touring the Angel" and Paris, France for "Exciter".......and if thy'll finally release on Blu-Ray.

  • dennis moran


    I had ordered tickets to the NY show but unfortunately my mother got ill the same day and ended up in the ICU. Well, family comes first for sure. I heard the show was awesome!!! Maybe, but unlikely, they'll do another US leg of the tour...LOL. It's OK I'll get a DVD of the show for sure. First DM tour I missed since 1987.