Kerry Hopwood interview


  • Susan


    I saw Terry at Newark Airport waiting with me for the AirTran after I got back from the Ft. Lauderdale show on Sunday, Sept. 6. He must have taken the same flight home as I did. I wish I had seen this a few more times so I would have recognized him. He saw my Depeche Mode Tour of the Universe tote bag and looked at me, and then made sure he got on the next car. Must have been tired and didn't want to talk to a fan. Pretty cool.

  • John Beagley


    I had the pleasure of meeting Kerry for the 1st time back in 1991, just as he had joined forces with Tim Simenon as BOMB THE BASS, prior to the amazing UNKNOWN TERRITORY album coming out. We were doing a swap of some musical equipment via an ad in a music magazine. I played him a few demos from my old band SO IT IS and he was very enthusiastic. We said that his favourite bands were Depeche Mode and Human League...and lo and behold in 97, he and Tim Simenon produced ULTRA and in around 2001 he produced Human Leagues amazing album SECRETS (which thanks to a failed record company failed to do as well as it should - DM fans...check it out, you will love it!). We last met when he kindly invited me to a DM concert on the Playing the Angel tour and I got to meet Martin Gore. Funny 10 years prior we were in our little studio talking about DM...and here we were meeting them! Amazing the luck some people have. I dont be-grudge him a single bit though. He is a consumate professional but maintains a smashing down to earth and unphased by stardom quality. I hope one day we will get to work together on something.