"Fragile Tension" picked for O2 TV ad campaign; then single!

“Fragile Tension” jumped the queue and is being lifted from “Sounds Of The Universe” as the third single. The surprising pick comes in the wake of O2 using the song for a TV ad in Germany.

Current support act Peter, Bjørn & John (also lovingly referred to as Peanut Butter & Jelly round the Home offices) are reported to have remixed the track, along with indie hipsters MGMT.

According to, the track should hit radios in the coming weeks.


  • 36Loverman


    This is really great news. Love the song. I was pulling for it from the beginning. I feel frickin' validated!

  • Kelp


    Huh, the US hasn't had a second single yet. I hear the video for Hole to Feed was just shot in Cali. What's up?

  • Brad in Ohio


    Fragile Tension the 3rd single??? Really? REALLY??? I'm sorry but the song is weak. It would be like releasing "What's Your Name?" as a single. "Come Back" or "Hole to Feed" are far stronger songs to release as singles. Whoever made this decision is P-R-E double T lame.

  • memoryboy


    Yay! Great Pick!

  • Macromode


    I don't get why are those negative tags on this new. Fragile Tension is a great song and very radio friendly IMO.

  • Jeff G.


    Now here's hoping "Perfect" will be the 4th and final single. This really debunks the rumors of "Hole To Feed" or "Come Back" being the 3rd single.

  • Lord Moribund


    Oh dear god!

  • presley1


    Awesome song, can't wait for the mixes!! Nice tags guys!! ;D

  • Arn


    What about the video being shot in LA now for Hole to Feed? I suspect HTF will be the second single in the US.

  • Mr.Ultra


    Good choice! Like the sound of the remixers too after the poor Peace remixes. Agree with Jeff G about Perfect too! However Hole to Feed could still appear due to be being Dave penned......appeasement possibly....

  • Graham


    This is fantastic news. A GREAT choice!!!

  • Jeff G.


    It's possible that since the video for HTF has been shot in Cali...that HTF is the 4th and final single.

  • Granny


    Surely 'In Sympathy' should be a single? It's the LP's best singalong Enjoy The Silence-type track IMO.

  • ibierce


    I'm surprised they haven't released a "Dave song" as a single. Come Back seems a logical choice, maybe as the 4th single. It really seems they could get at least four or five singles out of this one. Fragile Tension was a good choice; personally, it's my favorite song off this one...

  • Michel J


    Really good choice. Also hope it makes it back into the setlist at some point - so much more energy than either Peace (despite Eigner's commendable efforts and double-tempo kick drum :-)) or Come back - which drags on forever. Adding Fragile Tension to the set (or Miles away, for that matter) brings it closer to the level of energy of the Touring the angel set; the Stade de France setlist (great show, horrible place) was a little on the slowy-gloomy side for my taste. As for releasing another Dave song as a single - shame he didn't keep some of his solo album songs for SOTU ! Most of hourglass is so much stronger than HTF or Come back in my view - only Miles away hits you as hard as you'd expect. But then again they did make some strangely lightweight choices on this record... Some of the bonus CD songs are better than almost anything on the actual album !

  • Jeff W


    God I hope not. I just want the old DM back and would be nice to have not-so-generic setlists. I mean, gee, let's play Somebody and Behind the Wheel again! Good songs but what about all those great songs that they never play?!

  • Billy J. Bob


    I'm 100% sure Miles Away will be the 4th single. Fragile Tension is a great pick imo.

  • Linrob


    What about "In Sympathy"? Another great track! I do like Fragile Tension though.....

  • Coops


    Wahay! Best song on SotU. This time I might actually buy the single!

  • Strangelove


    I completely disagree with Michel J

  • Headstar69


    I like the choice of Fragile Tension, be interesting to see what the remixes sound like. I also hope the US get Perfect and that perhaps Hole To Feed gets released somehow too. More releases is good for us collectors! Was hoping In Chains or Corrupt might have been single choices, been dreaming of Black Light Oddessey doing the remixes for them!! Whatever happens I reckon In Sympathy will be the final single

  • Basilbong


    Yes, Fragile Tension is a great choice for the 3rd single, it's also my favorite song from the 1st album listening. We need more Bong's, long live DM !