Win tickets to Convention of the Universe

The 2009 Depeche Mode Convention of the Universe, presented by, is taking place on June 9th in Berlin – the day before Depeche Mode play at the Olympic Stadium. Appearing at the event will be Nitzer Ebb and De/Vision, along with a host of DJs, including a couple of Homies. Now’s your chance to score some free tickets…

For your chance to win 2 tickets to this special event, hit the comments with your DEPECHE MODE song requests for the DJs. Please be sure to let us know why you picked the song(s) you are requesting. Make sure you put a valid email in the appropriate box when commenting – otherwise we have no way of contacting you if you win. We’ve got five sets of 2 tickets, so there’s plenty of chances.

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  • Ozan


    Thanks for arranging such a thing directly 1 hour after I gave the order for the tickets..!

  • Zoltan Horvath


    Nitzer Ebb: Ascend One of my all time favourites: hard as it is, still preserves a nice melody De/Vision: Remember As far as I know, they've never played it live!

  • brian pollard


    We would love to come, The Kilts are in hamburg at the moment and going to dusseldorf tomorrow then leipzig then berlin!!!

  • Peter


    Precious. Met my girlfriend on a releaseparty for Playing the Angel, october 2005. Now we're off to Berlin to see dM togehter. Eventhough Precious isn't my all-time favourite, it's my favourite from Playing the Angel, and thus it bring back all the memories from when I first met my girlfriend :)

  • depeche-mode


    Nitzer Ebb - I Give to You de/vision - Try To Forget

  • Stefan


    - Fly On The Windscreen, Strangelove and In Sympathy all Live 2009 Tel Aviv ´cause that were great live versions

  • wim van gestel


    I feel loved Would love 2 c it performed live. Think it's quite appropriate after Dave illness.

  • SF


    Whoot! The guys are hosting Subterranean on MTV2 this week! There is a preview clip up on their blog.

  • Sofia


    I would like the DJs to play Shake The Disease (Tiga remix). For me that song really was the highlight of their 80's Berlin period, and I think that particular remix really captures the mood of the original song without being "too" retro. A perfect remix of a perfect song. And to hear it on a dancefloor in Berlin would be... perfect.

  • NikacP0kac


    FOTW, Dangerous, Happiest Girl, Sea Of sin I hope I'll win...

  • Alex


    It's No Good That was the first DM song i heard far in 1997. From that moment a big DM love started. And entire Ultra sound was so magnificent and mystical. Great song, great album, great band!

  • Dirk


    In your room (live 93) - great live version Strangelove (Maxi Mix) - I love to dance to it! Useless (Single Version) - great song, single has more power than album version Thank you!

  • Zoltan Horvath


    all right...there must have been some misunderstanding. So the DM songs I would request: Freestate: a superb track and it would have deserved to get released as a single Perfect: one of my favourites from SOTU, yet they just seem to have missed it from the TOTU setlist

  • Sandra


    ok, I would like to request: Happiest Girl (unfortunately played rare) Only when I loose myself (I love the r&b feel)

  • rich


    heading out to Berlin for my first overseas Mode trip. Can't wait! Why's no one said Work Hard yet?! That'd have to be my choice - it was the b-side to my forst DM single. Second choice would be To Have And To Hold or Corrupt.

  • Nick


    Fragile Tension Best song on SOTU but not on the live Set List.

  • Ulla


    Lie To Me: because there s never many songs played with Martin on leadvocals and this is a great dance tune also. Worked fine in Hamburg at the no show party the other day! Corrupt: Too sexy a song to not be played! Everybody sang along in London, great atmosphere. FOTW: just because the anticipation to hear it live the next day will make people go crazy :)

  • Know-it-all


    Stripped (highland mix) - the intro always blows me away, amazing and hauntingly beautiful. Ghost - all of it blows me away, talk about amazing and hauntingly beautiful!! Get the balance right (combination mix) - always remain ultimately selfish...

  • Jose Eduardo Cruz Garcia


    In Your Memory: one of the songs written by Master Alan Wilder. There was a higher song for its age :D Ghost: because is my favourite song from this stage of Sounds of the Universe. Greets!

  • Christoffer Hultin


    FLEXIBLE Just because it's one of the worst ever, and still so damn fun, its a must to mix it with Boys Say Go.

  • Karsten


    Master and Servent (Slavery Whip Mix) First 12" I bought and big fan since. Very surprised to hear Master and Servent in Tel Aviv, I realy love the new sound

  • Vlad


    See you in two days there!