“Peace” second single press release

Depeche Mode and Mute confirmed the second “Sounds…” single pick today in a press release posted to the band’s official website. No mention of remixes or any other content specific information, so they are obviously saving the juicy bits for later.

New Single Out June 15th On Mute

Depeche Mode release their sublime new single ‘Peace’ on June 15th, taken from their acclaimed album ‘Sounds Of The Universe’, which entered the UK charts at No. 2 and went straight to No.1 in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland with more charts to come.

Written by Martin Gore and produced by Ben Hillier, ‘Peace’ is one of the standout tracks from the brand new record and the follow-up to ‘Wrong’ – the first single from the album. The Sunday Times Culture says, “‘Peace’ is the album’s most beautiful song,” while The Sun declares, “It’s a stunning electro-hymn, a classic.”

‘Peace’ was written back to back with ‘Little Soul’ from the album and their spiritual element forms a cornerstone to the album. “We’ve had spiritual references on previous records, with this one it’s a little more obvious.” says Martin. The track features exquisitely placed electronics and cathartic choral refrains from Dave Gahan and Martin Gore.

Depeche Mode’s 12th studio album is a dazzling and diverse record. Having spent over 400 combined weeks in the UK charts, the band are ready to enjoy many more weeks at the top with ‘Sounds Of The Universe’.


  • Recoil


    Good choice, I have to say. I always thought this song was destined for a single release. It combines the playful synthpop sound of their early years with Martin's more mature and insightful lyrics of recent years.

  • DM Dude


    Really good choice yes yes! Gonna be cracker live! My favorites is actual Light and Ghost! But the album is awesome!

  • Maci


    Peace is the biggest musical diarrhea I have ever heard. Worst DM track ever

  • nanotron


    Great news! Peace is the best song on the album.

  • Mr.Ultra


    Agree with Alex....assuming you're discounting Spacewalker. Otherwise outstanding album. Singles should be 'Hole To Feed', 'Perfect' and 'Corrupt'

  • dmbreand


    alex is right i fear, fragile tension, in sympathy and in chains are magic, as are the rest except peace and hole to feed. peace is ruined by the very corny "im going to light up the world" poop. people will make fun! nooooo!

  • matt


    it's alright, but does grow on you, I'm personally listening to oh well and ghost, they should have been on the album, the les weekend mix of ghost is awesome. I think this track will actually get them some deserved radio airplay's hoping

  • eDiT tHe ShAkE


    Peace is ok. It grows on yah. In Sympathy,Corrupt,Fragile Tension & In Chains are the best. But, Oh Well, Ghost & Light are better than the album tracks by far. DM should have released the B-Sides as singles, they would have broke all record$ and fans would have been nuts about those 3 songs. Who chose that album of songs is beyond me.

  • Carlos


    Wrong choice!

  • Pinju


    Very wrong choice. I'm not sure what kind of market they are trying to reach here. Next to Jezebel (album version) it's the most disappointing track on the album.

  • Granny


    Eh? It's a good LP track but hardly airplay-grabbing material. In Sympathy would have been a better choice. It has that catchy Violator quality about it.

  • andyg


    Rather "odd" single but may prove good choice for the chart not my fav at all, i love to hate this song...where is "Ghost", "oh well",sure hit kick ass fucking good DM stuff and catchy "in sympathy"?

  • Bernard


    Like I told Fletch: muzak at best... :)

  • dmbreand


    damn, peace is a grower, but as i said before, high not is kinda cringe...but its good. i love the album, and ghost is fab

  • Memoryboy


    Yay! I am sooo happy! 'PEACE' will be a great second single, and I can't wait to hear the single mix and remixes!

  • Jeff G.


    Poor choice for a single, indeed! So many other good songs and B sides besides the atrocity that is "Peace". Although the live version on YouTube from Jimmy Kimmel sounds a bit better.

  • Jay


    Not my fave track of the record! But will probably do well in the charts! What's the b-side going to be?!

  • scott


    I like it alot however to me its not a single. I know this we pee loads off but perfect, hole to feed and in sympathy are far stronger singles. However its a grower and if it gets enough airplay (which is a big IF) then it might be a hit.

  • ibierce


    I'm curious how they'll play Peace live with only two singers. After a week, Peace hasn't really grown on me unlike In Chains, Fragile Tension, or Come Back. I am beginning to think this is the best album they've done since becoming a trio again. I wonder if Martin played bass on In Sympathy, bits sound like a real four string bass and not a keyboard one...

  • Yves


    Two singers ? Come on ! Peace is going to be sung by everyone live : sounds like an anthem, isn't it ?