Depeche Mode closed Hollywood Blvd – massive turn out for free show!

Depeche Mode just finished playing their first public live performance in three years. The free show – part of which will be shown on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! – took place smack dab in the middle of Hollywood Blvd, and drew crowds exceeding 14.000 by some estimates. The band performed a total of seven songs… setlist (and thus spoiler) after the jump! If you want to read the live TWITTER FOR THE MASSES feed, you can do so HERE!

April 23, Hollywood Blvd setlist:
Personal Jesus
Walking In My Shoes
Come Back
Enjoy The Silence
Never Let Me Down Again
A great big thank you to everyone who sent in reports and pictures to the site – knowingly or not – via Twitter. This Twitter For The Masses thing was a total gamble, and it really was well worth it. So thank you all!


  • Galoryt



  • Mode996


    Doubt the setlist had anything to do with how DM feels about their recent work. They were on a national tv show, so they played many songs that the average person would associate with, esp the Violator songs.

  • Basti


    What?! No songs from S&S, ABF, CTA, BC - no that’s a real surprise! Testament to what the band thinks of their old material, pre MFTM.

  • Rob


    What? No B-sides from "Love, In Itself" or "Get the Balance Right"? Reeeally Depeche, who said you are allowed to play what you want? I would like my money back for this performance...wait...

  • Scotty B


    Is it me or do teh drums sound AWFUL? I like the more electronic side of Depeche and with this album being so concentrated on old school elements do they really need the drummer on the track 'Wrong?' Thoughts?

  • dre7861


    Of course DM was going to play their new single and one of their biggest hits - that's a no brainer. But I do wonder if this might not be the core of the tour's setlist. Usually sets are of around 21 songs (the last leg of Touring the Angel was around 19). If this is 7 of the songs they plan to play (a very good 7 songs songs I might add) that leaves 14 other songs to play. DM usually does between 7-8 songs from the new album with 3 already picked from this list, "Wrong," "Peace" and "Come Back." There are plenty of songs to choose from on SOTU. We already heard that the band thinks "In Chains" is a great opener so that leaves us three songs. If "Hole To Feed" and "Perfect" are the next singles after "Peace" they will probably want to play them - plus I can't imagine Dave not wanting to do at least two of his new tracks. Then that would leave us with 1 song from the new album which will probably go to a Martin sung song - unfortunately while I like "Jezebel" I'm not sure it would translate to live well and would vote for "The Sun And The Moon And The Stars." Knowing Martin's past habits it's probably a good chance he'll alternate. And that would be the 7 new tracks, which is a shame because I would have also loved to hear "Corrupt" and "In Sympathy" live. As far as representation from previous albums I would wager, again from recent examples, that they might play 1 song from PTA (not because they don't like the material but because they just came from a tour covering those songs) While that song might be "Precious" I would personally love to hear "Martyr" and/or "Lilian" simply because I haven't heard them live. We know that "Lie To Me" almost made the set list last time so I would be overjoyed to hear it this go around. We know "Stories of Old" has been on their minds from the Box Set, which would also be nice from that era. Speaking of which I wouldn't mind seeing SGR or MFTM mined a little bit more than they have of late. What I say next will make some people mad but I also wish they would mix up the hits they play a bit. ETS, PJ and NLMDA are sacrosacnt. Of course we all have our favorites that we want to hear more than anything but I would be willing to substitute "Behind The Wheel" for "Strangelove." Plus while it makes a great title for a website I would like to see Martin sing something besides "Home" this time around. But with way over 120 some songs to choose from narrowing it down to 19 must be a bitch and somebody wouldn't be happy. Still I can't wait till July - DM in DC!

  • Jeff


    I'm so glad I missed this one. I've been a fan for over 21 years now and just watching the performance of Wrong on TV was painful, not to mention I was surprised by Martin's return to a type of transexual vampire look. No, I feel violated, with all the recent money spent on the box set, Itunes, tickets, and these were the best songs that they could come up with? Really?

  • dre7861


    To Jeff - Yeah I have to admit that while I try to be supportive of Martin's sometimes cringe-inducing wardrobe choices that Veronica Lake hair style was just painful - Let's hope the Mohawk Knit Cap comes back for the tour!

  • Ariana


    I actually like Martin's look. His hair looks amazing. But now, about the music...Wrong just isn't a good song to hear live. Yeah, it was painful trying to watch that. And the repeating "Wrong" four times in the beginning...just sounded bad. I want to hear Oh Well, Perfect, Miles Away, Fragile Tension, and In Chains live. And yeah, some stuff from Some Great Reward, Black Celebration, and Ultra, as well.

  • Macromode


    Jon those songs were from their most COMMERCIAL time but they are still great.

  • DM Dude


    dre7861 Agree, think they should transfer Home this time. I would love, as Alex said, The things you said would be very nice. Anyway, Wrong sounds really good live! Can't wait to see them in copenhagen!