Future single picks revealed by EMI France

With “Sounds Of The Universe” hitting stores around Europe, french fans got an itsy bitsy teeny tiny exclusive bit of news with their CDs. EMI France plastered the future singles choices all over the CD case (click here to see it). So it now seems confirmed that “Peace” and “Hole To Feed” will join “Wrong” as the single picks for “Sounds Of The Universe”.


  • Facundo Farfallini


    Peace is an obvious (and great) choice. But... Hole to feed?? I think "perfect" and "In Chains" should make it.

  • Pinju


    Yeah, I can see "Hole To Feed" as being a single choice. Upon my initial listen to SotU today, I could pick out Peace and Hole To Feed as singles, for sure. Possibly "Perfect", but maybe that'll grow.

  • Keen "The Fucking" Man


    I vote "Fragile Tension" and "In Sympathy". Peace & Wrong would be the obvious choices.

  • der translator


    hole to feed must be a single because it´s written by dave.but the song is not really a single in my opinion.this is dm currently.just compromises

  • kb


    I wish they'd do "oh well" and "ghost" those are the best 2 songs from the box set and album imo.

  • blackceleb


    ohh, I can already see a great b&w Anton video for "Hole To Feed" )))

  • nanotron


    Unfortunately, Dave probably insisted on it. I'll leave it at that. ;-)

  • wtf


    Hole To Feed sucks. There are 6 better tracks, including GHOST which should've made the album, no matter how much it doesn't "fit"...

  • Randall


    There were similar 'single picks' on PTA that implied JTA would be the next single and that simply wasn't what happened. I wouldn't take this as written in stone. Also, 'Come Back' would have been a better Dave single.

  • Captain Oatwright


    bad bad choice... this would be mine - Perfect In Sympathy / Light Double A Miles Away (if we really have to have a Dave single it's definitely pick of the 3 Dave songs but saying that not a patch on Suffer Well or Nothings Impossible from PTA) Peace (if you really have to do 4)

  • Jeff G


    1st single: Wrong 2nd single: Fragile Tension 3rd single: Perfect 4th single: Come Back or ......In Sympathy The rest such as Peace, In Chains, Hole To Feed, and Miles Away are not singles material. I hope the info is wrong. And yes....Ghost should have made the album cut.

  • Macromode


    Peace is an obvious choice I like it and I do think it's sigle material but Come Back (a more radio friendly mix) would be a better Dave song choice.

  • Sean


    Ugggh! Peace is not single material. It sounds like an Erasure track. Zero airplay. Hole To Feed....they completely destroyed that track on the album...Zero airplay again. The only shots they had for airplay were In Sympathy, Fragile Tension (best chance), Corrupt, and Perfect....geez highly dissapointing, and they better bring Alan back soon. The last good DM single was from Ultra, and everything else just hasn't been crisp.

  • Jeff G


    I do remember when Exciter came out though and Shine and Sweetest Condition were listed as "included" on the album cover with I Feel Loved and Dream On. Freelove and Goodlight Lovers ended up being the 3rd and 4th singles. So fret not....yet.

  • DJ Badger


    I'm actually quite happy to hear that "Hole To Feed" has even been considered as a single. Despite the onslaught of negativity its had, I think it's one of the most interesting tracks on the album - raw, driving, with a solid rock feel. It's the closest thing this album has to a "Personal Jesus" or an "I Feel You." Are the lyrics amazingly written? Certainly not. But, the overall feel of the track is wonderful - gritty and churning - and I would be very interested to hear what kind of remixes could be made of it. I'm realistic enough to know that the record companies don't care what I think... but to be honest, if I had to pick two song titles from the regular-edition album to go onto that sticker as potential "singles" alongside "Wrong," then I would have chosen "Hole To Feed" and "Corrupt." Thanks.

  • Jay


    Hmm... I think I would have prefered to be surprised what the next single would be...

  • dre7861


    The American CD also has a sticker, this one round, that touts "Wrong," "Peace" and "hole To Feed." "Peace" will probably be the follow-up to "Wrong" - the two are so deliciously polar opposites - and rightfully so. My first listen to "Hole To Feed" I have to admit my reaction was 'yechh.' But subsequent listens have strenghten it in my mind. So it is certainly a strong contender to get a spot as a single. So that leaves the fourth single spot (Why does it have to be 4 and not 5 - there is certainly enough material here to earn that). I have a battle royal going on in my mind between "Perfect" and "In Sympathy." They could go the Double A side release like they did with "John The Revelator/Lilian" but I doubt that will what with the bonus tracks - tracks that would have showed up normally as the B-Sides to the singles. If I have to choose between "In Sympathy" and "Perfect" I would have to go with "Perfect" in that it is the more comercial of the two and to quote it is 'almost perfect.' So if I was the decideder of all things Depeche I would pick as singles in this order: "Wrong," "Peace," "Perfect," "Hole To Feed" and "In Sympathy." Now watch the band who has been known to make an odd choice or two - ahem, "Goodnight Lovers," ahem - will probably pick "Spacewalker" as their next single!

  • Doug


    I just can't see Peace as a single. Hole To Feed is a good choice. I'm surprised that In Sympathy is not the second or third. I'm sure the French label knows what they're doing, but do we know for sure these are the singles? The US sticker said "Includes" and I know those three tracks are the ones most talked about in the press interviews, along with Jezebel. Ghost is easily the best song for the whole SOTU project, hands down.

  • pocox


    I think, as listening to everything now, that if they were more focusing on the bonus material as well, would have been Ghost, Light and Sun and the moon...on the album. They are much more DM songs and much more mood in them. I was very in the mood of my early 20´s listening to those bonus material. There are also 2 mixes of ghost and Sun, Moon...that you can download as extra tracks buying the cd in saturn germany, and they are really great! That approach could have made them big songs on the album. Not noises only but real concept on them. I love those 2 mixes: Ghost (Le Weekend Remix) The Sun And The Moon And The Stars (Electronic Periodic's Microdrum Mix) I think songs like Miles away is too banal. Fregile tension is not DM at all, and Corrupt, oh my god, it is destroying me after listening the album for a week now...some nice new-old synths are not enough, they had them before with the 1st 4 albums and they were not noises mainly, but concepts melodies harmonies and power. They should have gone to the other not rocky-nosy direction this time. I see a lot of hourglass moments in it but with less potential songs, as they were not meant to be like that, but they ended up like that. This is only an opinion but listening to bonus stuff brings back a bit the satisfaction the album should have brought! Please again: somebody do a remix with house of the rising sun and the hole to feed...:))

  • dre7861


    pocox - You keep asking for a remix of "House of The Rising Sun" What are you talking about? The only "House of The Rising Sun" I know about was an old blues song made famous by the Animals in the 60s. You might want to check out which Alan graciously runs where there are plenty of fan mixes - so far there's just one good "Hole To Feed" remix but I'm sure more will be on the way soon.

  • andyg


    Both bad choices but anyway SOTU is weak.Hilier should be out of picture for next project only for letting Ghost and Oh well out of original list (Light I like very much too).In case those three were in the SOTU then we were talking for an album similiar if not better than PTA, now very few can argue on that, to my opinion SOTU is only better than the worst DM project (Exciter by far). Bottom line next singles should be In sympathy, Jezebel, Miles Away but i don't think is quite possible :-(

  • pocox


    Maybe nobody sees the parallel melody flow of the animals blues song and how whole to feed starts, it is just the melody flow...never mind...not important. The album is getting better and better form me...even corrupt is kind of good now...i play it until it sounds right...:) Cheers

  • patrick 101


    Some people say "this song or that song" on SOTU are not "Depeche Mode" tracks.But Violator wasn't what we've been used to call "classic Depeche Mode" and now,it's one of their best regarded album in music history.Ironic...

  • Martin Belam


    pocox, you are not going mad, I can only ever hear the vocal line on 'Hole To Feed' as 'House Of The Rising Sun'. Surely the amount of times that Depeche have played 'Come Back' live (on the box set, in Hollywood, and on Later...with Jools in the UK) suggests that this will be the Dave written 3rd single?

  • korosh ardeshir rokni


    you are great muisc band