Mode set to repeat the LiveHereNow success?

While no official announcement have been made yet, press in as far away apart places as Latvia and Israel are reporting that the band are planning on recording and releasing most (if not all) of the shows on their forthcoming tour. The band premiered this concept on the last half of their 2005/2006 Touring The Angel tour.

Says Latvian promoter FBI, “the concert in Riga will be recorded so that it will be possible to purchase it in a CD format”. Israel newspaper Yediot Aharonot writes that like the show in Latvia, the Tel Aviv show will also be made available to fans after the show, and adds that the recording “will not hit the stores shelves” indicating a similar business model to that used on the last tour, where fans could either buy vouchers at the show, or buy the recording online a few weeks later. The article goes on to say that “most of the concerts on the tour will get the same treatment, as a bonus to the fans that attends the shows. The price will be around 20 Euros and will be sent to the buyers a short time after the concert”.

Thanks to Chaos and Synthpopfan for being groovy tipsters!

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  • Sander Lelieveld


    This has already been mentioned by Dave, at the press conference in October, as a "nearly sure option". So it is no surprise. (immediate start of this question)