Depeche to play Russia in February 2010 says Russian promoter

The Russian concert promoter, PMI, revealed details of future Mode shows in an interview published in Fontanka today. According to Fontanka, Depeche Mode will be playing an already confirmed February 4th show in St. Petersburg, with a February 6th date in Moscow still to be confirmed. The article also mention the director of PMI being named Eugene Finkelstein, which gave me a good a chuckle. ANYWAY… a Google translation of the article below…

The only concert of Madonna «Sticky & Sweet» in Russia will be held Aug. 2 at the Palace Square. 50 thousand tickets for the show will go on sale for 16 March, the price will vary from 2 to 30 thousand rubles. In addition to the visit of the Queen of pop-scene, St. Petersburg music fans are waiting for: Depeche Mode in the CCM, Motley Crue in the Ice Palace, the musical «Beauty and the Beast» in music halls, the show «Walking with dinosaurs» in the Ice

these projects at a meeting with the press reported the general director of the corporation PMI Eugene Finkelstein. According to him, the number of visitors to the Madonna show will be strictly limited – 50 thousand, not more. Given the exclusive concert, it is easy to suggest an influx of visitors from all over Russia. Stalls will be built under the slope to the spectators as the stadium could see everything happening on stage. Over 2 thousand rubles; that more than half (26 thousand) tickets in the stalls – where seats will not be in the «Gold and silver» fan-zone entry cost 5-5,5 thousand rubles, VIP tickets will cost up to 30 thousand.

Interestingly, in Estonia and Finland, where Madonna will also make the price of tickets will start from 65 euros. Tickets for the St. Petersburg concert can be ordered today, they come on sale March 16. Look in the theater and concert ticket in town, and specialized sites – no queues, even though it is clear that the ticket is unlikely to zalezhatsya. With regard to the fees of Madonna, then, according to Mr. Finkelstein, it is assumed less than normal (a specific amount is held in secret). This was made possible thanks to the superstar has long dreamed of singing in St. Petersburg, and at the Palace.

It’s no secret that the Hermitage director, Mikhail Piotrovsky is still opposed to the use of the Palace Square for concerts, sports and other projects, but in this case, the conflict has been avoided because PMI Corporation recently has been arranged concerts in the main square of St. Petersburg and well has, with all the necessary requirements.

Show Madonna is the most ambitious and expensive in the world. As Peter came traylera-64 truck with equipment. They deliver the sound, lighting equipment, stage design. The format of the show focused on the stadium, the size of the Palace Square smaller, so the podium will be closer: hence, we see better, and it is the sound quality.

Audience at the Palace will be put in 17:30, nearly one and a half hours before the presentation. Opening the concert will be the special guest of the tour, DJ Paul Okenfold, and then – very Madonna, and all will be completed in 23 hours.

Two years ago in Moscow in the Luzhniki Stadium, the show has been delayed into the night, causing many of St. Petersburg music even missed the train, but in the Northern capital, it must be clear on the schedule. Organizers Petersburg concert tried to take into account all of the organizers of the show miscalculation in Moscow. At this time, risk and even disrupt the sad tradition of huge queues at the toilets at the big concert on Palace Square – booths should be sufficient and vipam, and mere mortals.

As you know, August 2, Day VDV, but this time the festival will be held in St. Petersburg is not as usual – on the Palace Square, and on the Field of Mars. On this day, the city police will work in security. Regarding the weather, it will surely be good. In early August, in St. Petersburg in general the weather resistant, and even if the sky nahmuritsya, the clouds disperse a special technique.

Visit Madonna – this is the main event of the year tour, although not the only one. Many native music is pleased to accept the news that the group Depeche Mode will perform in CCM «Petersburg» 4 Feb, 2010. Ticket prices for this concert will be announced in a month. Then become aware of the details of our city’s farewell concert tour of Alla Pugacheva. According to preliminary information, solo concerts will take place at the Primadonna BKZ in early June, in addition, the Ice Palace comes a gala show in which Primadonna congratulate my friends and colleagues.

Thanks to Voldemar for the tip, and to Ringflower for the translation!


  • Snegovik Morozovich


    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEPECHE MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEPECHE MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEPECHE MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. WILL. BE. THERE.

  • Dima


    I'm really surprised. They shouldn't perform there at all (russia) and add more north american/eurpean dates

  • patrick 101


    You're glad to see DM in your country(hatever it is),ok?So why Russian people wouldn't have the right to see em in their own one? You're not the tour manager anyway...

  • JRW101


    well what about Australia? Acer arena in Sydney would be fine. Coldplay doing three nights there at the moment. If Depeche come to Australia they will get lots of press. At least I have my O2 tickets!

  • Darkeststar



  • Sergey


    4 February 2010 - St. Petersburg - SKK 6 February 2010 - Moscow - Olimpiyskiy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elias Eliot


    Ooh - and when you are there, might as weel drop by Denmark again for an extra concert!

  • me!!!!!


    what a silly thing for someone to say they should nt perform there at all , at least the date will be 100% full unlike most the american dates Dima Says: March 12th, 2009 at 0:54 I’m really surprised. They shouldn’t perform there at all (russia) and add more north american/eurpean dates GROW UP !

  • Dima


    First of all.. I'm not a hater in any case... Secondly, russians should be gratefull that DM is still performing in a country with no freedom or respect to democtratic values.

  • depecheslutt


    I feel bad for Russian fans as they have to wait until February. Oh well, better late than never!!!

  • sunnimode


    Dima!!! Let's keep politics out of this please! DM does not stand for Democracy Mandatory. They will play wherever they please!!! Remember Dima that "People are People". Learn from the music!! BTW, I would love to visit Russia someday!!!

  • Snegovik Morozovich


    Dima! Music and politics are diffrent things. I can talk with you about politics but not in connection with DM. Our country isn't undemocratic. We (russians) are not respect itself and that is a very big problem, our problem :) February is late but it's directly after exams in russian universities and that's great for people who don't live in Moscow or St.-Petersburg (like me)!!!

  • Wayne


    'Secondly, russians should be gratefull that DM is still performing in a country with no freedom or respect to democtratic values' Nice!!! Russian dates will be part of a second European leg, so whats the problem? Although based on your comments, DM shouldn't really be playing Israel either should they?

  • frodofm


    ‘Secondly, russians should be gratefull that DM is still performing in a country with no freedom or respect to democtratic values’ DM should not play in USA also, of course, because me personally think they should not do it, and i don't like Dima too. :)

  • Dima


    Russia and China have formed an axis power with Iran. Russia has been helping Iran develop its missle systems and nuclear centers for years. It is clear, as you see, that Russia ( and China ) have side with Iran against the United States and Israel. Why? Because God's Word is Truth. It is all in the Scriptures. When the Arab nations unite their forces under Russia's leadership, which again has been helping Iran develop nuclear weapons for several years, the inferno described in Ezekiel 38-39 will explode across the Middle East, plunging the world into Armageddon. America's only saving grace from God's just wrath is that we are a " friend " of Israel, God's chosen people. Just so let you know guys... BUT I DO RESPECT RUSSIA AND RUSSIANS FOR THEI GREATES DM FOLLOWING. HUGE FAN BASE IN COMMUNIST COUNTRY. God Bless North America! Amen.

  • me!!!!!


    god bless america? that is just so cheesy and the thing that ticks me off the most about the states is that state and religon are suppose to be seperated but then there slogan is one nation under god, P.S when is he comming back he is about as real as the easter bunny.sorry for getting off topic.

  • Wayne


    So, whats all this political crap got to do with a band playing a couple of gigs?

  • gadget


    What I'm really surprised about is that I'm reading such crap as dima's comments here, on a DM website.

  • Anthony Somers


    Dima, you're pathetic!! This is supposed to be about music and having a good time. But you talk about politics and all that sh*t. Do me a favour and stay away from any depeche mode gig. People like you ruin it for the rest of us.

  • Snegovik Morozovich


    I think Dima is mad :(

  • NikacP0kac


    I don't know why the admin deletes some great comments from some other people but leaves this kind of crap like Dima writes on the forum. Who the hell cares about your opinion Dima, f@ck off or try to post normal comments about THE GREATEST BAND EVER!!!

  • frodofm


    The Flesh of Fallen Angels! Come to me all! Asteroth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Bapholada, Lucifer, Loki, Satan, Cthulhu, Lilith, Della! Blood, to you all! Shh... Secrets... living under the skin of reality. I've seen it, the corruption of flesh. [He howls] I'm the wolf, yeah! I am the wolf! It's close, it's coming. You have come. The witness to the end, of time. It's now! I will rise to her side! [He laughs crazily] I don't need the words! I'm beyond the words! (c) Lupino, Max Payne. :)