Depeche to play on Hollywood Blvd *updated x2*

Kroq just announced that Depeche Mode will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 23rd*(!!). You can win tickets to both this show, and the two at the Hollywood Bowl later in the tour on Kroq’s website.

You’ll see them on Jimmy Kimmel Live as they play on Hollywood Blvd. then you’ll see them again at the Hollywood Bowl August 16th or 17th. Be caller 20 at 800-520-1067 when we tell you to call and tickets to see Depeche Mode on the Blvd. and the Bowl are all yours!

* The April 23rd date info is based on the rules information that KROQ originally posted. They’ve since then changed the wording of the rules from specifying “April 23rd” to simply saying “DATE TBD”.


  • barrydepp


    I will be there!!!!

  • Basti


    What single?

  • doxdm


    The Wrong has been released already :) February 24, 2009 :)

  • Doug


    @Basti: Wouldn't be surprised if it's the second single. But then again, Wrong is "technically" released on April 6th, so it will probably be that. I remember when they played Leno for the first time and I was thrilled that they did "It's No Good" over "Barrel Of A Gun."

  • modefan


    Ghost would be nice

  • strange


    Usually during Kimmel's show they will only air one song but the people who get to see it live in person will see a 4-6 song set. I plan on being there.

  • me!!!!!


    good, about time they did some media work in north america and maybe who knows they might even sell more concert tickets in north america than the last 1/2 empty concert venues in 05-06

  • me!!!!!


    dave did two songs last time dsf and pj in 2003 papermonster tour

  • modefan


    Ticket sales were down during those tours, but generally speaking, with the exception of some(U2, Madonna, etc) people in the United states just don't go to concerts like they used to. Perhaps it's the price of tickets?? Furthermore, when I lived in Chicago they routinely (even during PTA and Exciter) sold out 20,000 in an arena, but many people didn't even know they had out a new album or were in town. This further confirms that they suffer horribly from lack of advertising in the U.S. A lot of people love them, but never hear their new singles or know a new album is out. It's pitiful. I remeber when they played "The Sinner In Me" in chicago. Nobody recognized the song when it started but b/c it was such a great song live at the end everybody went apeshit.

  • depecheslutt


    Outside of LA and maybe NY York, radio staions in the US don't play DM for some reason. I don't know the reason but I even notice the geographical differences in SoCal. KROQ which is based in LA gets a lot of requests for DM songs and hence DM seems to promote heavily out here in LA. In the nearby counties next to LA, stations don't play DM like KROQ does. Point being, cities that have a high concentration of diverse people such as LA and NY attract DM. Unfortunately Americans do not appreciate DM like Eurpeans and othr international countries.

  • Maxmode


    Unfortunately, here in America except for Cities like New York and LA, DM are not as huge as they're in Europe where undoubtibly they are music Gods. Even In Mexico DM are very famous, believe it or not. It's a shame due to the fact that they're one of the best and most influential bands in music history, with over 100 million albums sold so far.

  • Irma Kallstrom


    I have to say comment by Maxmode is wrong Get it , LA alone are the most supportive fans i know, Very commited to Depeche Mode, we need one more day added to LA, the two dates in August are not enough.............LA LOVES DEPECHE MODE:)

  • Maxmode


    Irma Kallstrom Next time please try to read better before you post a comment and most important before accusing someone of been wrong about something. Read back my comment and try to comprehend my point. In fact I did mentioned LA along with New York, the only two possible cities where DM have a strong fan base in America, and also where a lot of people will definitely go to see them playing live. Do You GET IT???????????

  • Irma


    ok, you got me there, calm yourself.DM are HUGE in America not Europe.that was my point. but by no means i'm not accusing you. have a nice day:)

  • yotzo


    I don't know about how successful they are to get new or younger fans these days but I think this is a band that sparked a culture in the 80s at least in Europe. They had a unique identity in music and style that changed peoples life. DM was the band that you either loved or hated. They carved unforgettable memories and everlasting emotions in my past that no other band did. So I think it's not just about marketing but the way they are. They been around 30 years, died and lived. DM just do fine.....