Video: Webclip #12 is now online… and it’s gooooood!


  • John Todd


    Ghost is SIIIIIIIICK! I love it!

  • paisley1985


    This is the return of BC style but in 2000, i love the sound,and Dave's voice.....this album will be FANTASTIC i'm sure, far better than PTA!!

  • DepecheMan


    hypnotic. damn, can't wait.

  • DMe


    Too bad Ghost didnt make it on the album. Sounds great!

  • Jauri Aragon


    It would be nice if Andy Fletch took a couple of classes about Mixing and programming , so we could say this is entirely a DM record , it look odd to me and is just my opinion that if thrye making electronic music , they would do this stuff , Kfratwerk doesn't hire anyone! lol its just me anyway , great Job! whoever you are playing with this equipment :-)

  • Ivan B


    I love the Beat and the infinite guitar thing in the background...Soundz goood. PTA good.

  • Catagory5


    This is what I have been waiting for. This 25 second clip sounds better than anything DM has put out since SOFAD!!!! But that is just me.

  • modefan


    Okay, that just kicked some ass.

  • modefan


    Okay, i haven't heard the album, but the album must be DAMN GOOD to not include Ghost. I guess it's on the bonus tracks but Jesus that is pure DM at its best.

  • pinju


    Looks like you could power a small country with all that gear! Sounds broody and rather awesome...Mmm...



    Definetly sounds old school and DEFINETLY SOUNDS FXXCKIN BRILLIANT!!!!!, By what we have heard so far you just know this is going to be a classic depeche record. WRONG is just the kind of single to attract new fans and what about that video just a mini film of brilliance.Its very different from previous videos but it just completely works.The tours are all selling out and all of us hard core fans know about the new record but if the shit british radio dont play the singles they wont gain more exsposure what they so truly deserve.I dont know what the sittuation is in the states but over here in the uk the mode hardly ever get any airplay on the main three stations XFM,radio 1 and absolute but u2 on the other hand are played constantly even though they are getting by now by hype and not quality. So looking forward to seeing the mode at the 02,With the south american dates it would be good to see them playing to some absolutely massive crowds this would grab some positive global media attention.

  • MaxMode


    That's more like it! Exiting sound, definitely some classic DM on Ghost. Talking about airplay on the radio stations, the answer is no, here in the States we don't get to listen to DM that much on the radio, but honestly I prefer it that way. Depeche Mode is special, no like the rest of the crap that make us so sick daily on American radio.

  • Lifelongfan


    Depeche Mode are BACK! This album will be massive.

  • memoryboy


    Precious was played constantly on the radio. This song Ghost is sounding promising.

  • KeenMan


    not the best song... not the best album...

    • Peter2


      Don't think anyone said it was the best song or the best album, KeenMan.

  • Dave


    Sounds damn good!!!! Now that's what I'm talking about!!!!! Can't wait!!

  • Javier


    hyphnotic, elegant, this is the kind of depeche that i like more than "wrong"

  • dmbreand


    keenman in fairness you cant really pass judgement, you heard a 45second clip of ghost and havent heard the album..

  • dmbreand


    and that song sounds astonishingly fabulous!

  • MaxMode


    Waoooo! The funny thing is that Ghost is not even on the album, it's a bonus track on the second CD of the deluxe box set. Interesting! well, that means that The album could be even more promising. Definitely this could be one of the most exiting years for all Depeche Mode fans out there including my self. And I don't know about you, but since I listened to those 30 seconds of Ghost, I'm smiling, It simply sounds awesome!

  • DanielHDR


    A good surprise. :)

  • Milagritos Ingar


    This is the best music that I listen in my life. I heard you since I am 11 elven years old and I will listen you all my life, thanks Dave, Martin and Andy.....And I think so that I seem you very soon in Peru.

  • patrick 101


    This should convince some reticent fans stuck in the past that there is a life after Alan(there always been).DM is looking forward,not backward.And i think that if they were keeping try to sound like in their past,they would have turned into some ridiculous 80's band trying to be hype(i'm talking 'bout Duran hiring Timbaland,not to mention them).I prefer the way they keep doing it.

  • Ivan B


    What? This song isn't on the album?? Well, aren't we cocky! Friggin cowboys. Hey. Why not make it a double album? Ya know. 70-80mins? OH WELL.

  • mark


    You know, people say some of the new stuff reminds them of the Cure, but I'm fairly sure this album is going to be Morrissey-esque in nature.. Every time I hear another track, it clicks a little bit more, the way that they're trying to make the songs "work." I think I understand the reviews that call it "antipop" now. Anyway, is anyone else getting sick of these critics who are stuck in the perpetual cycle of "Those last two albums sucked including the one that we called their comeback album, but this is the TRUE come back album!" It's like, can't I ever just read one freaking DM album review that just evaluates the album on its own merits instead of just whether or not it's more comparable to Violator era than the last album?? Maybe making Violator was their downfall when it comes to critical reception lol

  • memoryboy


    I feel sorry for guys like KeenMan who should stick to their Britney Spears. Depeche Mode have not put out one bad album, including EXCITER, and this album so far sounds like it will be another classic by Depeche Mode, and the extra Tracks are sounding promising! And the single WRONG is SICK with an electro Hip-Hop Beat, something new for Depeche Mode, and it Works!!!

  • Flora


    Oh my God!!! I can't wait for the new album to release!!!! I'm too excited!!!wow!!! :-d

  • Anthony Somers


    @ Jon If you were so disappointed with the last albums, why are you on this site anyway? Alan is never coming back: get over it!

  • Ivan B


    Hmmm... How to define 'Classic DM'??? When some of you say *Classic* I'm thinking: People Are People. Not Personal Jesus. Okay? In other words, classic means a bit outdated if ya know what I mean... Yeah. It's really annoying when someone tries to compare a new DM album to Violator. Jeeez! And to think Depeche have to make a *comeback* with every new album??? Or maybe a CLASSIC comeback Jeeeeeez. My point is: Depeche will eventually make their 'Closer' (Hallelujah) and I proudly say: FUCK comeback! Give us THE END! (And the Album that goes with it). P.S. I love Ultra. I love the end. The end is the NEW beginning you know. New = good.

  • MaxMode


    OK. I understand some of kennman's previous comments, and again guys, we are all humans. The fact that someone is disappointed with the last albums, that doesn't mean that they are not truly fans like the rest of you that enjoy so much those albums. And if they keep coming back to this or any other forum, it's because they still believe that one day their idols will comeback and really impress them with something new and really exiting. I'm gonna be completely honest. Since Ultra came out in the spring of 1997 and I heard tracks like it's not good,Barrel of a gun, and Home,I haven't been that much impressed by those two last albums and all the material that they've been putting out with these two last producers. a least "Precious" is a brilliant track, and wrong sounds a little promising to me so far, but that's all, And trust me I'm a real Depeche Mode fan my friends, I'm 37 years old and I've been listening to DM since I was 14, and yes I do miss Alan Wilder and so what? nobody is like him and his brilliant creative electropop mind, but still Heyyyy! Long Live Depeche Mode.

  • barrydepp


    Ghost sounds incredible!!!! I can't believe how DM continues to outdo themselves. What a band and so much credit to Dave, mart, and Fletch!!! As devoted fans, we are so fuckin lucky!! I'm sure all us true fans will savor every aspect of this album and tour! FYI, it would be interesting to note that in 1990, Rolling Stone Magazine had made a very poor review of the Violator CD prior to its' release. Check it out!! In other words, there is absolutely no need to respond to negative comments or negative people. Some people will do anything for attention!

  • JRW101


    This sounds like a promising track. I have been a DM fan since 1990. I was 12 at the time and was given a Cassette of the singles 81-85. I listened to the tape every night and became addicted to every song. I was also drawn in by the change in direction from JCGE through See You and Get the Balance Right. I knew nothing about DM at the time or that VC had left the band. My next purchase was Violator. It took me a while to get into this album at the time. I was fascinated with the difference in the sound from Violator and bought their back catelogue over the next year. The next huge moment was being in the magazine shop Jan 1993. On the front cover of Vox is DG with long hair, tatoos. SOFAD was pretty massive in the UK. I am proud that DM are my favorite band. I knew they were the best back then and they prove to me every day that nobody get close to them. I was not expecting much from PTA but I really believe that SOTU will be amazing.

  • Anthony Somers


    @ Jon Ok, If you put it that way :-)

  • Ivan B


    Songs Of Faith And Devotion is the best album in rock'n'roll history! There, I said it. I'm freeee. Now let's hear the Soundzz... ((o_o))

  • michal plass


    To nové album bude skvělé!Singl Wrong je fantastický!Nemůžu se už dočkat.Ahoj Michal(Czech republic)

  • Solasistim


    I have heard half of the album now, I work in a record shop where we often get promos of various artists and albums. And, I can easily say that I'm very excited - I've only listened to it three times, but I think, so far, it's really great! I can't wait to hear the other half of the album.

  • KeenMan


    I'm 33 years old and I became a DM fan when Violator came out. After buying their back catalogue at that time, I recognized them as one my greatest favourite bands. I'm not only into DM. I like many bands and always open to appreciate new works (such as Recoil's subHuman). Some are accusing me of being Britney Spears fan, I'm sorry... I am not the one here who has a pile of Eminem CD's and Jay-Z downloadz. I loathe these guys who are sick and fucked. Usually if someone is into Jay-Z, Rhianna and Spears are also usually Timberblake, O-Town FanZ which in my opinion are not real appreciators of good music, but appreciators of USA culture trash, block busters and every trillionaire shit effort put on the shelves. That is why I get real sad when DM does like Duran Duran (In Red Carpet Massacre)... Goes "modern", do very different stuff, to perhaps... MIRROR that same trash culture that people are buying. A good album like Violator wouldn't sell these days, would it? So we need something harsher, fucking loud, just like a Jay-Z record. You mix the whole thing into the calderon and there is "WRONG", a song that is OK but with a lot of "contemporary" ingredients. So before you kick my ass, try to understand what I mean by criticizing some of DM's latest works. Is it really an effort towards the fanbase or is it a bit like Daniel Miller trying to drop Jay-Z, Eminem and Rhianna from charts? Like he said in "Construction Time Again" documentary: "Things happened because of that (the charts)." I Can't accept some blunt reply from a 18 year old that has known Depeche Mode only for Playing the Angel, and find it the *MAX* *BEST* album ever made. Not me, and not even the majority of fans who love DM history.

  • Dave S


    Ghost..that is the Depeche Mode I know. Just from those few snippets, I can tell it's going to be a good song.

  • sunnimode


    Can't we all just get along. After all, we all love DM. We're practically family or members of a cult at the least lol!

  • MaxMode


    SO TRUE!!!!

  • NikacP0kac


    I agree with KeenMan. I particularly like(d) Depeche 'cause they sounded different from loads of other bands and had a different approach to music. Today they sound too much like those crappy bands that appear on MTV etc. But still they spread a different feeling with their songs. I didn't like Exciter very nor PTA. But still, I have a good feeling about Sounds Of The Universe and hope they conclude their career with a good album which will become a classic once in a while like Violator or SOFAD did. btw I am only 15 years old and have a huuge collection of DM materials so age isn't important to sort of "understand" DM... Long live Depeche Mode!!!

  • Ivan B


    I don't follow your logic, guys. Everyone's babbling about classic, trademark Depeche sound or whatever the f* that might be. (I feel you)?. And, what's worse, everyone expects Depeche to deliver their trademark Violator sound - synths + Martin's guitar + reminiscence of the good-old DM with 80's rhythm machines. Ok, here's the paradox: some of you classic DM nerds don't like PTA (which is flirting with old DM 101x101). - It's too cranked up; it's too 'modern' nya nya. phhh Bullshiyat. Bullshiyat. We've all kissed PTA's feet when it came out. Cut the crap.

  • MaxMode


    To Ivan B, Dude why you take it so personal? there's not need to be rude. And you're right you don't fallow the logic at all. You're definitely wrong about everyone kissing PTA's feet, I don't think so, cause I never did, but if you did, well then congratulations dude, Amen! and good for you. PTA is a good album, great lyrics, great vocals, but it's definitely to damn noisy and the sound experimentation of MR. Ben Hillier is nowhere close to what Wilder, Flood or even Simenon achieved in terms of quality back in the early 90's. I even miss the clean and delicate digital sound of Exciter, which most DM devotes consider their weakest album to date. That's the logic, and if you still don't get it, it's all good dude, it's all GOOD!

  • patrick 101


    I agree with you Ivan B.Some people here digged PTA at the time and today,they're rubbishing it! And STOP compare any DM new release to Violator or SOFAD or to any other one.Take it for what it is,regardless to their other stuff.You know,what a paradoxe to say Violator is a DM classic,cause this was the album(with SOFAD)that challenged the most the audience.So,by going as far as possible from what they used to be,they gained more and more credits.And i hate when some dudes,after they trashed on DM,justify themselves by signing at the end:"A (true)DM fan since 1982 (or 1993)".Cut the crap or i'll call Chuck Norris(he's 69 today,March 10)!

  • iBierce


    Regarding comment 44 from Patrick 101-- You know, in 2012 when they begin work on the next album. They could use Chuck Norris as the producer. All of them could grow the tidy ginger beards. Maybe the album could be called by Don't Mess With Texas...

  • KeenMan


    Violator was the last effort that excelled in production, thanks to Alan Wilder. SOFAD was much of a rocky album, a great album, I agree with Daniel Miller when he said that "the songs never reached their full potential". However, the worst thing about SOFAD is the mastering. While Violator was one of the best well mastered albums of all time, SOFAD started the loudness war and SOMEBODY just forgot to turn the bass button up, it is so whimpy even compared to loud releases such as Ultra or old releases as CTA. April is coming and the new album will be out, and this one will definitely set good or bad terms with the fanbase, this album will also help the undecided people to make a better judgement of PTA, because a large portion of people are still thinking this over.

  • Hillsy


    This sounds promising! Reminds me of Kraftwerk's 'The Hall Of Mirrors'... that synth sound!

  • MaxMode


    Talking about SOFA, that's Depeche Mode's best album,and Believe it or not, I'M still obsessed with it's groundbreaking sound and dark brilliant lyrics. I don't know if some of you are also be admires of the band U2, maybe none, but that's OK. The point is that when I heard the first single of their last album that just came out, I was so disappointed that almost it hurt me, then I purchased the new album 'No line on The Horizon' and at this moment I just can't get it out my mind. It's simply intoxicating and definitely one of their best ever. With the new DM single Wrong, it might be the same case, to me it's nothing spectacular but hopefully Sounds Of The Universe will be. Long Live Depeche Mode

  • NikacP0kac


    I don't want Sounds Of The Universe to be the new Violator. I want it to set new standards for DM music, that's what we all want! I never compare a new DM record with the previous one. I just want Depeche to put the same effort into songs like they did before.

  • Hillsy


    Ahh, KeenMan... at last an 'old school' DM fan!!! I praise you for what you have posted. I agree with you totally, mate! Gone are the days when DM were truly something magical, when they strived to make an album that was very different from the previous one, always 'pushing the boat out' to achieve a memorable sound. I miss the sophisticated instrumentation, with Mr. Wilder at the controls. Their previous efforts have been disappointing. 'PTA' was dreadful, ('The Sinner In Me', anyone?) It won't go down as a classic DM album, not in my book anyway! If it had been the early 90s, that track might have made a good demo!! As for the new single 'Wrong', well, it's sounds very wrong indeed! Visage's 'Fade To Grey' bassline, and a few, standard, 'this is what commercial electronic music sounds like today' bleeps on top of it. Come on, Dave's 'Hourglass' album is better than this, and he made that in his apartment!! That's not a kick at Dave's solo work either, his was a fine album, but I think it's fair to say that as DM fans we have come to expect a hell of a lot more from them, and we're simply not getting it. Period! With PTA, it was almost as if they were trying to get as many different sounds in the mix as possible, as if to say, "Hey we're Depeche Mode, this is what we're supposed to do!" Evidence of this seems clear to me, like that opening screech on 'A Pain That I'm Used To' Do you get the impression they were trying to echo the opening of SOFAD? Quality not Quantity is the order of the day fellas! I'm 34 and have been listening to DM since 'Music For The Masses' I too get pissed off with the 'new' DM fans who have only ever known them as a trio, never knowing what DM were really about, (you need to have experienced the 80s for that!) My message to them is that if they really want to experience some quality, 'electronic' music, and by that I mean music which has spaciousness, depth, richness and diversity, and not some MTV friendly, mp3/iTunes generation crap, you should check out Alan Wilder's Recoil project, (if you haven't already done so), and gain an insight into how a true master of his craft can conjure up such magic. Buy a Recoil CD, put it on a quality stereo system, sit back and be blown away! I love DM, and I truly hope SOTU will be a major improvement on PTA, but I can't help thinking it will just be PTA pt. 2, and if that's what people want, then DM may as well hang up their boots, for they will have nothing fresh to say. There... that's enough ranting for now... I await the backlash!