Sounds Of The Universe cover


Source: USA Today


  • Matt


    Haha, very cool!

  • Spooky


    Hmmm... it's no A Broken Frame is it? I hope the music is better than the cover.

  • michaŁ


    oh no....... Why didn't they talk to Brian Griffin to make SOTU cover....? I'm going to put the back cover as a front

  • Basti


    fucking awful!!!!

  • michaŁ


    The worst cover in the discography

  • LiLLian


    WOHOOOO!!!A great cover!It definitely grabs my attention!

  • johny


    the cover for the deluxe edition is SUPERBE chek it out

  • Robert


    Please make another cover! this is too Kanye West "heartbreak & 808's" album style.Make a Cool,hell's of album cover.

  • Robert


    sorry "WRONG" album name i mean:"808's & heartbreak"

  • jason


    What a crock, a totally pants cover. What happened to the superb covers done in the past by Brian. Looks like this one was done by the same guy who did the London olymics logo which is also Phu***ing awful!!!!

  • DMented


    It's a graphic cover, at least its different from the photographic ones. I think it's better than Exciter and Speak and Spell. They can't all be like Music for the Masses!

  • TotheBone


    I like it, for once there's some colour in it and so maybe the tour t-shirts etc won't be all black with crappy pictures of the band on them!

  • KeenMan


    I thought the cover of "WRONG" was the worse one. This one definitely settles for the worst DM cover in the discography. Miss the old days.

  • Pieter (Holland)


    I'm already used to it. I'm glad the band's not appearing at the cover. That's something for other bands, not for DM, the biggest band in the world. Actually I quite like the cover art.

  • Maciek from Poland


    I remember first seeing "Music For The Masses" - what a disappointment it was comparing to "A Broken frame" for instance. This one here is something different,waaay better than the chaotic "PTA" cover or (in my opinion) worst of all DM covers - "Ultra". The black cover for the deluxe box edition is even better - simply stunning.

  • 36loverman


    It looks sorta pro-gay to me. Not a problem, just preparing myself that someone is coming out.

  • Mark1975


    Nice cover.. I don't know why people get so annoyed at such things though, it's just a cover!

  • michaŁ


    Alan is sooo missing here... He wouldn't agree with this cover

  • Depeche fan


    I like this cover. It is very nice.

  • Ivan B


    Generally happy with the cover. Eclectic like the music I guess? Not a big fan of A Broken Frame album cover (It's worse than the music). SongsOfTheUniverse looks SIMPLE and CLEAN with a Factory Records feel to it (and that's a BIG compliment)... Is this another work of Corbijn? Looks Dutch to me. I like Dutch :D design

  • Doug


    It's growing on me. I think it's supposed to be a pin cushion! I mean, this IS Depeche Mode here. Pain is the name of the game.

  • Ivan B


    Yeah! Now I see it! Smart!

  • Greg H


    I don't like the Wrong cover, but I think I do like SOTU. The colors make it at least seem to have some texture, rather than being just all contrast. There are 18 pick-up-sticks here by my count. Equal to the number of new songs.

  • Jeff


    Reminds me of playing Ker-Plunk (a top view) with colored sticks and all. Wonder if Dave, Mart and Andy played Ker-plunk to pass the time during post-production and mixing. : )

  • Bong10


    I love the cover... best since MFTM

  • Q-rzysztof


    The best cover in the Universe!

  • NUmB


    I really like it, it has a nice retro/modern feel to it. Fantastic!

  • goshidze


    it looks like moscow subway map )))

  • easyexcitertiger


    ...and all you arses that hate it will buy the t-shirt.

  • MaxMode


    Well, honestly it looks ok, but I think Music for the masses and The Violator covers were far superior thant this one. It could be better.

  • DanielHDR


    When I see that first promo photo, with the band in front to a Metal Globe, i think " cool, that metal structure will be very cool in the front cover... Gray, black, white and orange. Very coll... But THIS cover... oh, my. probrably It´s my impression cause the sequence of photo-organic color covers since the first albums...

  • leslie_reyes


    too cartoony for me, ULTRA is the best cover and layout for me followed with SOFAD, for singles SOFAD's singles era are just brilliant :)

  • StillAlive


    is that a referance to the LHC? are those the particles that comes out of it when the Pb particles collide with each other? maybe it really is a cross-bow-cut of the LHC collision chamber?

  • patrick101


    Response to comment 19 saying: "Alan is sooo missing here…He wouldn’t agree with this cover".Is Alan a graphist,photographer or something?Nop! And oh,how can you tell Alan wouldn't agree with this artwork(you know his artistic tastes,you're a close friend of him,huh)? Like he would have the final word on Anton's work.What a load of rubbish!

  • A-PROPER-FAN.....


    Patrick 101, you the man,sumed up stupid nonsense comments completely, well done.

  • Fluxx


    Its not a bad cover, they've had better, but then again its not the cover you listen to, is it, its the music that counts, or is it!?!

  • spooky


    Considering A Broken Frame is (arguably) the worst DM album but has (arguably) the best cover, let's hope SotU is the other way around. This is the sort of artwork I'd expect my 3 year old to bring home from pre-school. Has Anton got kids...? When they ask what my son wants to do at school tomorrow, I'll suggest to his teacher he designs the new DM album cover!

  • Aslan C. Pereira


    Come on guys, you can't be serious. You can make a better cover than that.

  • DanielHDR


    Inviting the Devotees, like me, to visit my last post about the official cover, with two fanarts that I made this sunday. Thanks!

  • RS


    PLEEEEEAAAAASEEEE Change it !!! Please use Anton !!!!! This was not coool....:(

  • Vlood


    It's not the worst cover in the Universe, but it resembles a Moscow metro scheme. I'm kinda disappointed with it.

  • pocox


    Never ever had any of the bands on all the world a cover like this, uniq, and DM made again something that is a far ahead of anyone, thanks to Anton ! Is it rubish? Maybe Is it perfect? Maybe, but it has something that really gets you either way....

  • Ivan B


    Nice artwork DanielHDR! Fans would be happy if you designed the cover. Really! FACTory: Cover art greatly enhances the way you perceive a record. It also tells you a word or two about the music inside. From what I can see with SOTU...oo: - messy recording process with sounds flying all over the place (classic DM); final result - global loudness war which will destroy your speakers. Overall, a record of weak songs which exist together only with a help of gravity and compression. Let's get pessimistic folks and lower our expectations.

  • Ian


    Stylish. I'm just glad they have ditched that paint brush stroke artwork that they have been using since 'Personal Jesus'. I haven't been this excited about new DM since 1990.

  • Stu


    Simple, stylish, striking, new yet old. Not much more needs to be said. Does its job. Damn slick job, too.

  • DanielHDR


    Ivan, thanks for your comment here. feel free to add comments and sugestions in my blogpost

  • Michelle McAtney


    it looks like you're looking down a Mattel Kerplunk game tube. I like it! Thanks guys, I love the new album! Shell

  • Andrew


    Here's a cover for next album: