Wrong artwork, radio and release dates

The band’s official site today revealed that “Wrong”, the first single from Depeche Mode’s twelfth studio album “Sounds Of The Universe”, will be released on April 6th, 2009 (April 7th in North America). The world premiere of “Wrong” will be on the Echo Awards television show in Germany on February 21st. The rest of the universe will get to hear “Wrong” on the radio, starting February 23rd. The site also unveiled the artwork for the single, which you can see after the jump.


  • Ivan B


    Nice artwork! he he ELECTRO POP _ W R O N G

  • Mark


    the new band logo looks great in the white on black vector text look

  • Lord Moribund


    Black?...check Simplistic graphics?...check Grungey font used?...check Microsoft Paint?...check

  • Sander Lelieveld


    Weird, the image provided is called "prerelease cover". Typical DM cover. Nice.

  • Nick


    I think the artwork is a bit poor compared to the previous quality. I hope this is just the promo cover as it looks very amateur. The new track sounds great as work in progress.

  • M.


    reminds me of the label of Cherry Coke :DDD looks great though:D

  • patrick101


    Nice Artwork! I hope Corbijn will be in charge for the tour set.

  • artviolator


    Catches your eye! Looks good. Great job Anton.

  • KeenMan


    Did not like the artwork, god, this is what I feared... looks like Offspring Americana.

  • electromagnetic


    Depeche Mode know Kung Fu?

  • shane


    this artwork is so wrong..ha ha ha lol, lol get it? ha hee..

  • Arnie


    Can't wait for the new stuff. The early reviews sound promising. Lets hope its more Violator than Exciter.. In the meantime check out this link to a piece on Depeche Mode and The Brits I have written for my UK newspaper The Northern Echo!

  • slickmode


    a 3 year-old could do more interesting and stimulating artwork than this I hope they don't pay for this

  • modefan


    I like that it is simple, bold, and catches the eye. Let me remind everybody of a great album that was black with a rose in the middle Didn't reflect the quality of music did it?

  • KeenMan


    Violator art was much superior. It didn't look like noodles package. Even PTA artwork which I found over-rated is superior to this.

  • flip604


    It's horrible. Just why they are still using Anton after the PTA sleeves shows a great lapse in quality control. Somebody call Brian Griffin!

  • Carlos G.


    EVER, ever all the people talk bullshit about the artwork of the depeche mode cd´s and singles, with ultra many people say that was ugly and easy, with exciter the critic was another plant (like rose in violator), with PTA that the little draw was horrible, without art and inspiration and now, with Wrong the same fucking cry, ugly, simple, "i can make better works", for me the artwork of the single is wonderfull, i like me so much and i believe that the really important are inside of the plastic case...

  • AndyD421


    Carlos Said it. Stop whining. Just because its not your favorite doesn't mean you should whine about it and put down Anton and Depeche Mode. You don't like it? Tough. Go become a Britney Spears or Flo Rida fan, just because their cover art is "better"

  • Alex


    Interesting, that nowhere on the official site does it say that this will be the official cover of 'Wrong'. And as Sander Lelieveld noted, the picture file is called 'prerelease cover'. It may easily turn out this is not the real 'Wrong' artwork. But if it is, I have no problem with it. All I rally care about is how the new material sounds.

  • Nanotron


    Nice.. very 90s punk-rock.

  • KeenMan


    Carlos F. G... The truth is... I love all sleeves produced by Atkins or Arena, or whatever. But since SOFAD, the long Corbijn era, DM sleeves are sloppy.

  • DMU2


    I like it but artwork aside let's hope it's a stomping tune!

  • vdog


    some people are always going to have an opinion that they think others really actually care about.. Some people just post to see their own words.. lame!

  • Greg H


    This does look kind of punk-ish. The 'Wrong' label reminds me of 'Never Mind The Bullocks, Here's The Sex Pistols'. That said, overall it's not very good. @AndyD421: Yes, that's what people are saying, "this artwork is bad, I don't like Depeche Mode anymore." @Lord Moribund: I think you're wrong about this being from MS Paint, you can't rotate text in MS Paint. Maybe Anton used Powerpoint?

  • Captain Oatwright


    reminds me of 1983's Get the Balance Right - blocky and abstract!

  • Anvard Davissen


    That's minging.

  • favourite slave


    Perhaps it's the trend of 2009 - the artwork kind of resembles the one for Simple Minds forthcoming release later this year.

  • michaŁ


    We've been waiting so long time for new album, but not for cover like this Anton's "ball&needles" Please back Alan and BRIAN GRIFFIN!!!

  • Nick


    Trixie is not a good font for this usage... overused... I think he's lot the plot a bit with this.