New album “will be massive” tweets EMI DE

EMI Germany hit Twitter with the first – very brief – review of “Sounds Of The Universe”. The tweet read simply: “We have just finished the listening session for the new Depeche Mode album. Wow! This is going to be a massive release.” Sounds good!


  • Malc


    Well they're hardly going to say it was rubbish, were they? :-)

  • Pinju


    Epic fail, there EMI, epic fail. :)

  • matt


    I can just imagine them saying, "well you know what, it's alright, not great, but alright"....course they're going to say it's massive..all about the cash. I hope it is massive by the way.

  • fischu


    the best album we ever made... words by Fletch everytime ;o)

  • M.


    well, once we waited 4 years for it, the least it can be is massive :D btw everyone in the UK: buy a copy of Wrong when it comes out, let's get them the first number 1 single!

  • Pieter-PGV


    Of course, even Depeche Mode is talking about 'one of our best albums ever", well...and that's normal, they'll say it by every new album.And 'll like it,- or not.Your choice. But I think that i'll like the new album, so i like every DM Album.Ultra & Exciter, too. OK, not the best albums, not the 'fast'albums, but important for DM & fans.DM Rules...with Alan Wilder, and without, same with Clarke..-And now, it's 2009 , and DM is still alive, with a GREAT release !!! See You...

  • Peter2


    I thought it was a funny first review to appear online. And the channel just speaks volumes about the way things are promoted these days.

  • danny


    i know, i know.... this is a matter of taste, but the last "massive" release they had was Songs of Faith and Devotion (imho). Everything that came after that was good, had their special songs, but wasn't really outstanding. some songs even forgetable. So if you ask me, the bar is not too high. PTA, ULTRA and Exciter are "easy" to beat. And I really hope they do come out stronger then before. Can't wait! I'm extremely excited about it this time. My feeling tells me they are in for a new ground breaking work. Let's hope Songs of the Universe will deliver that.

  • David


    I also noticed that every album is quoted as their best work since violator. When will these marketing companies realize how ridiculous it sounds. Why is it taking so long for the album to come out? DM should catch up with the bands of today. They would have two albums out by the time it takes DM to release one.

  • Basti


    LOL Don't buy the single, we don't want it to become no1. :D Depeche is the best band in history which never had a no1 in the UK. So let's just not spoil it and let them continue to be unique.

  • Przemek


    I don't treat any official reviews to be even half-reliable. I'm waiting for the opinion of the one of devotees who can give (at least to me) trully review. EMI ones is so general and they just have to make it positevly. Keep moding!

  • Eternal Darkness


    @ David, and are any of those "bands of today" anywhere near as good as DM? Nope, didn't think so.

  • bras


    if the fuckin thing is ready why make us all suffer to wait until april for it to be relased. I for sure could use some new depeche muzak right now

  • David


    @eternal darkness, Are bands of today as good as DM? Are you talking about violator good or exciter good? DM is a good band. But taking so long to release a record today is ridiculous. Exciter, ultra are decent records....nothing more.

  • Mark


    The "bands of today" thing isn't the right comparison - when DM were a new band without a huge fan base and millions of dollars they were putting out an album every year.. Theyre at the point where they probably make more money by making new material scarce and building up anticipation for the built in fan base audience

  • Stickmode


    I'm think DM got the UK #1 chart position, in 1993 with "I Feel You". I'm hope "Wrong" will hit the #1 not only in UK all over the world. "Sounds of the Universe" will beat "No Line in the Horizon", sure. KUDOS DM!!

  • David


    They do not need a build up. Bands make their money from touring. DM have already sold out shows without even having a new album out. The decision of when and how a record is released is handled by the record company. The record company and management of DM are money grubbers. Hillary duff covering DM, gap commercial, I could go on and on. The legacy of this band is diminished more and more by their management. The grabbing hands grab all they can....

  • patrick101


    David,it doesn't takes 3 or 4 years for DM to make an album.In the 80's they were used to put out almost an album a year(not speaking about each tour following an album)and they were 20-something old.At almost 50 yrs old it would be hard to keep such a timing.+,they have a family,solo projects...a life! Between 2 DM releases,get yourself busy discovering some other bands,there are plenty :°)

  • black as night


    As far as the management things goes-it's Vince Clarke who lets companies, charities etc use JCGE these days-and for a song that's over 25 yrs old, I think it's pretty good going. Also as far as Hilary Duff is concerned, Martin said himself this year, that he let her sing it as he thought it would be fun, and just to see how it turned out. I think it's funny, dm are always put down as these miserable bastards, and here is Martin laughing at some teen queen singing his song! Next up-Miley Cyrus sings Master and Servant!!

  • Aurora


    Me fascina Depeche Mode,en su gira 2009 viene a chile? espero que si. a Dave Gahan deseo tatuarle mis iniciales de puro golosa que soy pero mas alla de bromas es un grupo espectacular, y son como el VINO mas antiguos mejor. Sigan asi los adoro, sigan aportando cada uno en lo suyo y esa voz dave que hace caer mis colales y deleita mis oidos. Un beso desde Chile Santiago, 04 Febrero 2009, Chile