Alan’s back at it – another Recoil album is officially in the works!

More great news… Alan Wilder is officially back in the studio, working on a follow-up to 2007’s “subHuman”. Still no word on… well… anything really. We don’t know when it will be released. We don’t know what direction it will take. We don’t even know if Alan knows these things yet. Doesn’t matter! New Recoil in the works!!!


  • me!!!!!


    did really care for the last one hopefully this one will be better.

  • Emile Strunz


    Yeah, he really, REALLY needs to ditch the 'cinematic trip hop with a touch of the delta-blues'. The electronics on Bloodline are where it's at now, or maybe he should collaborate with Richie Hawtin or Stefan Betke, to create a new dance pop aesthetic. Listen to Violator or Nitzer Ebb's Come Alive - pop music with an edge. Give Flood a call.

  • Dmitry


    It's great! Good news are following one by another!

  • Tom


    What great news!!!

  • Ivan B


    Yeah... He should definitely look up to DEPECHE. At least they know how to keep things FRESH and interesting... My tip: LESS BITCHING, MORE BEAT ALAN!

  • Ivan B


    OH... And if he samples another SOFAD song...I'll burn my Recoil collection. I don't know if you Fans noticed, but Alan is still obsessed with SOFAD.?!! Will he EVER let it go???

  • Paddy


    Well, after all, he did create SOFAD (assisted somewhat by Flood). And it's still DM's best album. And.........judging by the snippets it will remain that way even after April 21.

  • kj


    If Alan Wilder decides to join the crowd & make 90s era dance pop, I will assume he has had an accident & suffered some sort of concussion. The brilliance in Alan Wilder/Recoil is that he does what he's feeling at the time & doesn't need the approval of the droning masses. I am crossing my fingers for his symphony. The man needs no collaborators, vocal or otherwise. Symphony time. subHuman had some truly beautiful moments & I am sure the next will be even more brilliant.

  • Richard Nalty


    subHuman is by no means the most accessible album Alan has bestowed upon us but, just as Liquid did in 2000, the thing grows on you after a while. Not many can match him for "landscaping" audio the way he does. "5000 Years" is one of the most amazing things I've heard in a long long time - the most disturbing and unusual record I've heard from anyone. Alan's refusal to comply is a thing to celebrate. He doesn't need the money so he is freed up to what he really wants.

  • Laura Smith


    I think these comments pretty well sum up why Alan is no longer a part of DM. He is just in a different place. I always enjoy seeing what direction he takes. It is always cinematic and expansive and stretches me into genres I probably wouldn't go into on my own. Alan has the luxury of being able to do whatever HE wants, and I think he should indulge fully in that privilege and take it wherever it goes!

  • bo101


    OT: nice to see Laura and KJ reaching this site! Where's Tracey now? ;)

  • Arne


    Listen to the song "To have and to hold" from the album "Music for the masses". That's A's version of M's song. Compare it with the "Spanish Taster" mix witch is M's version. I'll look forward to hear A's next album. Well I'll prolly buy a copy of Martin's pop bands next album as well. It's a tradition after all.

  • patrick101


    So Arne,DM is a "pop band"?! And you'll buy their next album cause "it's a tradition" and not because you may like it?I prefer 'M'(Martin Gore)'s version,Spanish Taster,of ToHave and to hold.

  • Ariana


    Great news! I really hope it sounds like Unsound Methods. Or Bloodline.

  • Graham Clack


    The album is fantastic! try and get the 2 disc version: CD: Stereo mix. DVD: 5.1 suround sound / Stereo mix, Ambient version & 7 promo vids! Enjoy!!!

  • depeche jr.


    Unsound Methods is still the Recoil best. Though, each Recoil album has its moments. Here's to Alan not taking another Haitus. here's to Alan not giving up!

  • Decoder from hell


    Why compare Recoil and DM? Two separate entities joined by one man 13 years apart! I love the new creations and am thankful that they still make good stuff for us to listen to. God bless and all hail DM and Recoil!!!!!!

  • Alannah Wilder


    I hope that on the new album he will return to the more minimal, electronic load, like on BLOODLINE.