SOTW: frYars feat. Dave Gahan ‘Visitors’

Dave Gahan recently recorded backing vocals for the band frYars’s debut effort, and the resulting track, “Visitors”, is now yours to get at the highly competitive price of absolutely free. Combining absolutely free with Gahan’s vocals makes frYars Home’s Single Of The Week this week. Go register here for your download!


  • Paul McCann


    I sent my email for the download link, no response yet but I'm sure it's forthcoming. Home is an awesome site - thanks again! Also, thanks to frYars. I am looking forward to the cd!

  • FastFashion90


    Ooh I can so hear Dave! He sounds great in this track!!! <3

  • Paul McCann


    Got it downloaded - this a hot f*cking track. Very interesting side of Dave revealed. Makes me wish I lived in UK to buy bandstocks for frYars. This guy is gonna be HOT, Hot, HOT!!!

  • Dark red


    I also don't have any response...I just can't wait no more Aaaaargghhh !!!

  • perroski


    interesting...I liked the song...thanks!!

  • Özlem Demirkıran


    İngilizce konuşamıyorum lütken Türkçe bilen bir arkadaş bul David

  • HotforDaveinTX


    Been listening for 20ish years, since my teen years. I have loved every song on your cassettes, then heavy metal and grunge on cd's took precedence. I recently went into a record store and re-discovered your cd's. have questions now that I didn't understand when I was younger. Depeche mode 101; Dave, are you gay? Maybe too personal, but a grown woman still needs a fantasy life. either way, i'll always love your music.