Tour news dropping October 6th!?

Several tipsters (you know, usually people who know someone’s cousin twice removed’s dog’s previous owner’s neighbor from the heartland of Europe) have hinted to us that the big announcement we’re all waiting for will drop on October 6th. So that’s 32 days to go, people!! Just 32 days! Let the countdown begin!


  • conkan



  • ivphoto


    DM works like a machinery nowadays, with the following patterns: Announce the tour, release the album, play many new songs + greatest hits on the tour, never actually change the setlist (with only a slight modification), add few more dates, stop and rest for the next 3-5 years. The next tour will also have many songs from the newest album, but the tunes from the previous album(s) won't be played at all, with greatest hits kicking back in. Unless they heavily change, modify or alter the usual setlist, full of performed_zillion_time songs, I doubt that I will go to the concert. In the last PTA tour there was kind of dejavu feel, with poor performing of PTA songs, although PTA had a great potential for playing live.

  • doalds


    I would love depeche mode to do more canadian dates like calgary which heant happened since 90's im sure they would get 10,000 people amd maybe skip across to edmonton then of course vancouver then down to seattle and portland .