Mode officially in the studio now! (UPDATED)

Or rather, it is now official that Ben Hillier is in the studio, and that Depeche Mode are with him. Go figure! Ben’s UK based management updated the producer’s bio with this tiny little line: [Ben’s] now back in the production chair for Depeche Mode following their last collaboration on “Playing The Angel” album”.

Also Ferg Peterkin’s involvement (previously reported on this very site) was confirmed by his management, stating simply that “[Ferg is] currently Stateside with producer Ben Hillier, […] engineering the new Depeche Mode album”.

Mode begun the second set of sessions for the upcoming album last week, this time in New York. Work begun May 5th in California.


  • Jason G.


    Suspectful, you have to appreciate that I personally don't give a lot of credibility to what you're saying; in fact, I suspect that you're actually just a troll named "djzn" that's been acting like an ass here who's simply renamed yourself. It's nothing personal, that's just the basic fact. I trust the people who run this site because they seem to be decent and ethical people (after all, you don't keep a successful website running for years by being an untrustworthy dick), and, generally speaking, their news on the band is spot on.

  • Steve wigan uk


    I thought the best of volume1 had nothing to do with depeche mode themselves they had no intention of releasing another best of was mute and daniel millers idea to release it and the band just went along with it.i cant really see the band releasing another best of volume2 at any time in the near for maytre it was just a track that was never used on the last album.i cant see the band going into the studio just to record a few tracks for another best of album..and wot would be the track list for volume2.they have already been there and done that,why repeat it again..

  • Arne Larsson


    What Wilder did with Martin's songs toghter with Daves performance was Depeche Mode. What's left today is just Martin's pop-band trying to be "inovative" with people like Ben and his likes. You'v eheard the results. Now the guy is back. I CAN wait for Playing The Angel 2.

  • Daniel "The BRAT" Barassi


    As I have said before (and keep saying countless times - for some deaf folks I suppose), whatever news regarding any future Depeche Mode release will be announced within the official Depeche Mode website first. You may disconsider any information that does not come from the official source even if it has been partially announced or rumoured on any music producer's webpage. How can I make this even clearer? -BRAT

  • Steve wigan uk


    Lillian would be awsome live..and maybe some tracks from ultra like "sister of night","freestate" and martins "the bottom line" i dought dm will ever play the older stuff master and servant ,people are people. But then again dm are always full of i said in my last post i would love to see "stripped" performed live again. Maybe dave feels hes unable to sing the old songs again as its changed over the last few albums.and just wants to concentrate on the newer songs.even martin has started to sing some of daves songs like shake the desease which i thought he sang like an angel,even condemnation.i hope this isnt going to become a regular live thing for martin even if he does sing them with passion.

  • Jason G.


    Brat wrote: "You may disconsider any information that does not come from the official source even if it has been partially announced or rumoured on any music producer’s webpage. How can I make this even clearer?" OK, but what (in the unlikely event) if I accidentally bump into the band and Ben Hillier on the street one day, and, in the course of my chat with them, they reveal that they're in the studio working on a new album? I'm not going to disregard this information because it hasn't yet been announced on the official site, right? The official website serves an important PR function and is obviously an accurate source of information (well...besides the April Fools jokes!) given that the news comes from the management itself. But it doesn't have a *monopoly* on information about upcoming releases and what the band are currently up to. Over the years the official website is usually the *last* place I find out about different DM related news-bits, but that's something I find perfectly acceptable because I appreciate and understand the role of the official website. I don't think you should overcompensate for all of the idiots out there that don't understand this by basically telling everybody to disregard all sources of information except the official website.

  • Wayne


    'What Wilder did with Martin’s songs toghter with Daves performance was Depeche Mode. What’s left today is just Martin’s pop-band trying to be “inovative” with people like Ben and his likes. You’v eheard the results. Now the guy is back. I CAN wait for Playing The Angel 2.' Thats a fair comment, we are all entitled to opinions. I am of the opinion that Alan Wilder needs Martin Gores songs and Dave Gahans vocals more if his last 3 albums are anything to go by. But as I said, we are all entitled to opinions and not everything he did with Depeche Mode was great. They made some howlers in their time together, so please, don't put Mr Wilder on some massive pedestal.

  • Peter2


    Wow, there are some really dumb comments here. We're disabling comments until further notice on this thing. Some (and I stress "some" - it's a loud minority) simply don't have the foggiest clue!! FACT: Depeche are working on a new album! FACT: Ben Hillier is producing it! FACT: They've been recording in California and New York Our sources are our business... suffice to say, some of them are working on a new record these days. If you want official, sanctioned by the Management news, then go to their site. If you want to know what's going on before then, stay tuned right here.