Depeche Mode are back in the studio!

It’s finally happening! Work has begun! The new Depeche Mode album is now under way! Yes, you’re reading this, and it’s real! Yay!

Last night sources close to the band informed us that studio work has begun. The band and their production team met up in California late last week and began the first set of studio sessions on Monday, May 5th.

Sessions are tentatively scheduled to wrap up in late Autumn, leaving time for mixing and mastering in time for a March ’09 release.

Touring is still being penned – expect to hear more on this nearer the completion of the album.

Till then, rejoice!


  • gwynifar


    Great! All in, boys!!!!

  • gwynifar


    Great! All in, boys!!!! Germany is waiting!!!

  • lopes23


    And come to PORTUGAL too!!!

  • naomi


    great news that DM are making a new album. come back to Sheffield on tour. fan since 1981 and love everything dave and the boys do. PTA was not the best but give them a break. If you feel you could do better get out there, make music and if your still around in 25 years then maybe your not too bad

  • romanens


    hi, I sell my depeche mode 33/45rpm collection, very rare, music for the masses test pressing, first live in basildon, more than 100 lp s, 20000 $,

  • walter


    yeeeee!!! depeche mode in Peru in october!!! im so happy!!!!