Depeche Mode update!

Little bits and pieces are trickling through at a steady pace. The Depeche Mode machinery is getting in gear, and we’ll try to sift through the information, and give you a summary of what’s going on!

As we reported way back in July of last year, Depeche Mode are set to return to the studio in early 2008. Well now we know. The band met earlier this month, and agreed to hit the studio in March.

Martin’s been writing songs, and has already taken his new compositions into pre-production (ie. not just demos), working with Sie Medway-Smith in Martin’s home studio in Santa Barbara.

Dave has also been writing, although details of his progress are scarce.

EMI in Spain let slip that Mute are hoping to have the album ready at the end of this fiscal year, in time for Christmas. A tentative date of “late November” was circulated to retailers and media in Spain, via the IFPI owned operation Promusicae.

Sources close to the band tells us to expect a tour to be announced some time in the early fall of 2008, with tickets going on sale in September or October. A tour would probably not start till early 2009, however.


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