Client leave Toast Hawaii

Side Line is reporting that Client have left Andy Fletcher’s Toast Hawaii record label. We don’t know what this means for the future of Toast Hawaii, but Client’s Kate Holmes has reportedly confirmed they have left.

From Side Line:

Toast Hawaii, the record label of Depeche Mode member Andrew Fletcher, has lost its only commercially active band, Client. The news was already known for a while in smaller circles but has now been confirmed by Kate Holmes to Side-Line: “It was a mutual decision as Andy was touring with Depehce Mode for most of 2005-6 and we didn’t want to stop Client and wait. We also became disillusioned with the way Mute got swallowed up by EMI. We still see Andy though as he lives round the corner from us. Maybe he will come on tour with us next.” The band has just finished their new album – provisionally called “Heartland” and mainly produced by Youth. The band is now looking for a release somewhere in 2007. At the moment the band has 4 licensing deals which are about to be signed for Europe, Central and North America. The band expects to be making an announcement on their website pretty soon. So what can you expect from “Heartland”, the 3rd Client album? Kate: “It is our best material yet and Youth has injected a New Order/NIN edge to the tracks. We also bring back the guitar for this album!” Also signed to Toast Hawaii are Legate X but no news has been made public about the status of this band.